2 or more slider in one device do not work!


If you have a Neeo driver/SDK and this device has 2 or more sliders, you cannot use the sliders separately via the remote control!
- But it works fine in the smartphone app!


An example:
I have a device with 2 sliders (TEST1 and TEST2). If I activate both as shortcut on my neeo remote control and use the first slider (TEST1), then the second slider (TEST2) moves in parallel!
If I use the second slider (TEST2), not only does the first slider (TEST1) move, but my driver-server also receives that TEST1 was moved, although I moved TEST2!
The same happens with 3 or 4 sliders. Only the name of the first slider (TEST1) is transferred to my driver-server and all sliders move parallel.
- But only if you operate the slider directly on the neeo remote control! Everything can be operated correctly via the app and here the correct names (TEST2, TEST3, ...) are also transferred to my driver-server!

For adjustment you only need to create a driver with 2 sliders, display and control both as a shortcut on the remote control.


I would be very grateful if you could fix this as soon as possible, because nobody can use more then one slider in one device with this bug. Here I especially remember the RGB-slider. Only the red slider would work and everyone else would not.

Please excuse my english, I hope you can understand my bug report.
Thank you in advance and best regards

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  • This is a well known bug that's been reported quite a few times.  Broke in the early .4x firmware and hasn't been addressed since (broke the same time as the other well known bug - buttons in the app not working but working on the remote).

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  • I'm sorry, I must have missed that. Hope it will be fix soon - the problem is rather big for many people.
    Unfortunately, I already noticed the buttons problem in the app and I've already read about here.

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    • Chris 

      No need for sorry - it's good to have this reposted from time to time to keep the awareness of the bug alive!

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    • Chris I have a feeling it will be fixed in the upcoming release. 

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  • I hope this gets fixed soon. A remote control with the basic controls broken seems a bit silly :)

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    • Lucas its only SDK related and fixed in the last firmware. My previous reply was hinting on that and the firmware was released not long after. :-)

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      • Lucas
      • Lucas
      • 2 mths ago
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      Niels de Klerk I'm still having issues with Sliders and Switches (Remote + SDK): When one Switch turns ON, all switches within the page turn On. Sliders do not update, etc. The interface does work fine in the smartphone app, so I don't think its an SDK issue per se, but Interface related instead. (F-0.51.13)

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    • Lucas be sure to report that in great detail so it can be fixed. State update issues are known and related to 6lopan. The switch issue you mentioned is not something I’ve encountered.

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      • Lucas
      • Lucas
      • 1 mth ago
      • Reported - view

      Michael Kohler Yes indeed!

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