TV Panasonic TC-P42G25 - shortcut needed

Andy   Is this possible?  

Please add a macro shortcut: 

       EXIT > INPUT HDMI 3

You could name it for instance INPUT HDMI 3 / EXIT (MACRO)   (That way, someone looking for INPUT HDMI 3 will realize that there exists a better option.)


This macro would successfully change the input even from WebTV mode.  As is, without the preceding EXIT, the shortcut fails half the time. ( It works well from from TV mode but fails from WebTV mode.)  It would make Chromecast access reliable, for instance.


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  • Andy  The shortcut fails half the time.  INPUT HDMI 3 works fine from TV Mode, but does nothing from WebTV Mode.   Can you create a shortcut of INPUT HDMI 3 preceded by EXIT?   That way it will work all the time.  Thanks!

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 1 yr ago
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      Bill Kaczmarek 

      Done for all HDMI inputs. New data appears around 1PM CET. Please ignore the new versions with "(Macro use)" within the name. Simply keep using the normal INPUT HDMI x commands - they now already contain an "Exit" command as a prefix.

    • Andy Fabulous. Thanks so much, Andy!

    • Andy  Are you still on board?  I don't seem to find your name in the list???  😱

      I'm hoping to refer you to this  

      App 1 - App 4 don't work half the time.  They are fine in WebTV mode, but fail in TV mode.

      Please change the second Wait to also be 5 seconds (rather than the current 3 seconds)

      I believe the settings are now:
      VieraCast > wait 5 seconds > VieraCast > wait 3 seconds... [and proceed as they do now]

      Also, I suspect App 4 would work better if you swapped the final DOWN and LEFT, so that the LEFT comes before the DOWN (rather than vice versa)

      I hope you are well (and still here!)  

      Thanks in advance!!!

    • Bill Kaczmarek Hi Bill

      Andy hest left NEEO, or Control4...

    • nuro Hi Nuro, thanks for letting me know. Can someone help me with ? Thanks

    • Bill Kaczmarek no problem. and as far as i know, Fäbu is the man for troubleshooting..

      have a nice day

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