HowTo Update a Device

In certain cases our device driver team will ask you to "update" your devices manually. This procedure is only required if you are asked to do so by our device driver team, no need to do it on a regular base.

1. From the mobile app which is connected to your NEEO Brain, open the settings on the top right

2. Choose "Devices" 

3. On the device you wish to update, click on the three dots on the right

4. In the menu which appears choose "Check for update"

 5. The update will be confirmed


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  • Thank you Patrick! Worked like a charm.  the only problem now is my Yamaha Soundbar YSP-2500 input setting is "Optical" and that option is not showing on your device list.  Could that be added (where the HMDI1 etc. are listed)? 

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    • Robyn Stephens 

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have just added the INPUT OPTICAL command. The new data will appear around 1AM CET. Please update your device according to this guide.


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  • A good feature in the future might be to have a function to force updates (if available) at a certain time each day so they are automatically pushed. That way users having the same issue but not necessarily following the chain actively on Planet NEEO would get the benefit of the updates automatically. 

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  • Robyn Stephens We'll let you know once that is fixed, thanks for the feedback.

    Tyler Pruce  Right, we do have solutions in our minds already. At least there should somehow be a notification. 

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    • Patrick thanks, I must admit trying to set Neeo up was a bit overwhelming, and i still have some kinks to work out, but you have been the most amazing and professional customer support! Just wanted you to know how much of a relief/comfort it is that you are right there helping to get everything working perfectly, very appreciated, thank you ! :)

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  • Hallo zusammen

    ich  versuchen nun Neeo einzurichten

    ich finden aber mein TV nicht Samsung UE55H6890SSXZG nicht 

    Oder mach ich hier was falsch 

    Gruss Bernhard 

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    • Bernhard Schaefer 

      Many thanks for your request! 

      The device is not yet in our database yet. We'll at it ASAP. 

      If you have any other issue or device request, please create a new post. This post is about updating the device data on NEEO. 
      I'll let you know as soon as the TV is added to our database. Thanks!

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    • Bernhard Schaefer 

      We have just added your device. It will appear around 1PM CET. Let me know if something doesn't work. Thanks!

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    • Andy 

      ok, but that was fast
      I'm going to test it today 7 pm Swiss time evenings
      Greetings Bernhard

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    • Andy 

      Thank you very much
      Now my TV is there now I can configure
      greeting Bernhard

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