Need help getting my SDK setup up and running

Hi everyone,

So, first of all, I must say that I am not experienced at all with coding or anything as technical as this SDK stuff. To be honest, I tried to read through all of the "Introducing the NEEO SDK" here: but honestly, I did not manage to comprehend.

Anyway, I just recently got a NEEO remote, and it is set up to control my Sony TV, my Denon AVR and my NVIDIA Shield that I use for KODI. I wanted to see what other things I could do with it, and first of all I would like more control of my KODI.

Since I have a Synology DS916+ running, I used this guide to set up SDK:
Now, it is obvious to me these guides are not written for dummies like me, so it took me ages to get through that guide, as I could not really do my own thinking.

For example, step 21 tells you to: In SSH type in: "sudo git"
Took me ages to figure out why that would not work, and that I needed to add "clone" for it to work. Probably completely obvious to the coders out there.
Same for step 32: Switch to the tab "User-defined script" and type "node /Path/To/SDK/Folder/ node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js" into text field.
This command also does not work, and took me a while to figure out how to get right. At least I hope I got it right, cause I have no real idea how to check if it is actually working.

Well anyway, I went through the whole guide. Took me a while, but also figured out I had to install nano, and could then set my brain IP in Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js. Now I did not change port or anything else in there, as that is not instructed as far as I can see.

So I went to the NEEO app and searched for KODI IP Driver, and changed the settings in my KODI 18 on Shield according to the instructions. When I then search I just get "Sorry, we couldn't find a KODI IP Driver - =Debug Mode=- device. Is it powered on and connected to your network? 

To be honest, I do not know if it means my Synology running the SDK or the Shield running KODI in this step, but both are connected and powered on.

Any tips on how I can solve this?

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  • Bendix Sørensen there can be several issues here. 

    1) most nas run code in a sandbox and didn't allow the discovery or let you run avahi Dea on to discover the NEEO Brain or codi.

    2) I currently don't know exactly what was required to bind kodi to SDK but this is known from Niels de Klerk as he codes the kodi driver. He for sure will come back to you.

    3) does the NEEO find any devices did you have other SDK de Ives running?

    • Hi Markus Mahr 

      Thank you for your reply.

      1) Sorry I do not quite understand what you mean by that.

      2) Ok, we will see if he can chip in :)

      3) The NEEO found my TV, Shield and AVR easily, the normal way. I have no other SDK stuff running.

    • Bendix Sørensen Hi,
      For most of the answers to your questions about the Kodi Driver go here : .





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