Now is when you give me my money back

Just bought this piece of shit in December. Support hasn’t replied. This is a scam and you’re going to have bigger issues than a lawsuit with me.

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    • Jeff
    • Head of Customer Experience
    • Jeff
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hello  Jared zamudio

    Hope all is well. If you are within your 30-day refund policy we will be happy to process your refund and pay for all shipping costs if you purchased your NEEO from our website

    I also did a quick search and (assuming this is actually you since I searched by name and not email) you emailed us on 1/14/19 "Worked, thanks." My agent promptly replied the same day within a few hours.

    The only other ticket we have under this exact name was sent yesterday 2/05/19 at 7 pm which is outside of our normal business hours. 

    If you can please DM me with your email address(s) I can check to see what happened and help you out asap :).

    • Jeff 


      will the device still work after the 24 months mentioned in the news from the other day?

      I put a ticket in and was only given a link to the “big news.” 

      If the device is useless after 24 months you are going to give me my money back so I don’t have to come and see you.

  • The issue is with the device becoming obsolete after 24 months. 

  •  Jeff  Sorry for butting in.   I think I saw another post where someone was disappointed that, now that multibrain is possible, that there are no brains for sale.  Don't know if you have folks who want to buy and others who want to sell?  If so, maybe you can facilitate swaps.

  • also bought new NEEO from you two months ago, and what now? should I throw it away and go back to logitech? I paid 400 eur for what??????????????????????????

  • Jeff said:
    You mentioned selling it and sending it to me so we can wipe it or something to that effect.

      Jeff that wasn't me... my second Brain hasn't even been unboxed.  Maybe you are confusing me with someone else?