Help! NEEO Remote in loading/boot Loop



I got my NEEO Remote on Friday I absolutely instantly unboxed it and did all the steps the app told me! When pairing it with the brain it suggested to update both. As of then my remote is stuck in some sort of bootloop.


After browsing all forums here I found some of the steps to (maybe) fix these.

  1. Hold the power button on the NEEO Remote for 15 seconds
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. Press the power & mute button simultaneously for a few seconds
  4. You should see the option for recovery, follow the on-screen steps

Nothing helps... 

Everything seems to update & reset fine but every option I choose I end up in the bootloop....


On Friday I emailed support.. and they came up with this 15 sec power button & restore option, I instantly replied the next morning (I'm in Europe, so a big time difference) and after that everything went silent...

I reminded them Monday & Tuesday  to answer my email but nothing... that's why I'm posting here this.


I never got to play with my NEW NEEO because it instantly went into this bootloop


Please support answer my emails or help me with this €400 paper weight


Please   Jeff  Raphael  Patrick  Patrick 

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  • Tim van Heukelom Are you still able to access the neeo brain via the App? If so, you can recover the brain first. also you need to make sure, that the brain setup is done completely before the remote can work. As the remote loads the wifi settings from the neeo brain.

  • Tim van Heukelom Can you please provide me with the email address you used to email support (via DM)? I will look into this asap. When you open the NEEO app are you able to access your NEEO? Have you entered your WiFi credentials into the NEEO app?  

    •   Markus Mahr 

      I've done your steps Markus, and still at the same boot loop :(

      Jeff  I was able to acces the brain and the Wifi-Settings are correctly accepted (screenshot:))



      Sadly nothing brings life to the remote this far 

  • Try not to hide your SSID (some devices like iPAD warn you about this. It does not make your network secure!)  You can make your network secure with MAC filters and PVIDs with VLANs. And reboot your router every time you get this situation.

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