Black marks on Remote Screen - can be repaired/replaced?

About a week I picked up the Neeo Remote from the cradle, and there were black marks on the screen (I'd call them dead pixels, but that doesn't do it justice!)


I'd assume it must have been have suffered a knock/bang (though there are no marks on the front or rear of the case, and it works perfectly). I guess it might have fallen off the coffee table at some point, though that's still a disappointment given it's about 50cm off the soft-wood floor. I'd expect any hand-held device to have more resilience to a fall than that....

Anyway - is it possible to pay to have this repaired or replaced? Or could I order a replacement screen and have a local repair shop do it? I know the remote works fine - but it's a shame having such a nice bit of kit, and having ugly blotches on the screen.

Thanks for any help!


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  • Mike Whooley can you perform a force power reset of the remote?

    Therefor hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds, then release it. Then push the power button again to boot the remote, are the marks then gone?

    If not, you should contact with your data.

    I will also tag Jeff and Ingrid

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      • Raphael
      • Raphael
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Mike Whooley I had a quick look at the image you provided and it looks similar like one broken screen we once received. Very likely your remote will have to be replaced. Sorry for the hiccup. Jeff will get in touch with you shortly 

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    • Markus Mahr  Many thanks. I was fairly sure it was a "hardware issue" since I've seen similar black marks on calculator screens etc. when their glass screen was broken. I tried your above tip, to be certain, and the marks are still there. I'll get in touch with support.

      Thanks for taking the time to help! 🙂

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