Roberts Stream 67

I can’t find my new speaker connected Roberts Stream 67,

it works with internet station, Tidal and Spotify

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  • Paul The device is not controlled by an infrared signal, therefore you will not be able to use it only with NEEO alone. The device uses a Frontier Chorus 4. One possibility would be to control the device via the API, an additional computer must be used. You can either use forward actions on the NEEO and then evaluate the command on the computer and control the device via the API. Otherwise, you would have to write your own driver if you do not want to solve this via forward actions from the NEEO, also in this case you need an additional computer for the NEEO SDK driver.

  • Fonzo the device is controlled by an infrared signal

    it's controlled by an infra-red remote control, delivered with

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      Paul Then I would recommend to write an email to the neeo support. Perhaps they can add the IR codes. 

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