How to connect the Brain IR blaster output to a Xantech Connecting Block?


The gear in my A/V racks are connected to a Xantech 791-44 Connecting Block, the outputs of the connecting block are either electrically connected to devices that have IR-inputs via mono 3.5mm cables, or to compatible IR blasters when the device doesn't support an electrical IR-input.

I'd like to connect the IR output of my Neeo Brain to the input of the Xantech connecting block, so that the Neeo's output is distributed to all devices via the existing cables/blasters.

What is the correct cable/wiring-connection I should use to accomplish this?

The Xantech is expecting a 3.5mm STEREO input (generally from an IR receiver), with the IR signal being TIP, Gnd is RING, and the Xantech supplies 12VDC on the SLEEVE (see attached diagram below)

My guess would be that I would want a cable that connected the two TIPs together, and the SLEEVE of the mono connector plugged into the BRAIN would be wired to the RING of the stereo connector plugged into the IR RCVR input of the Xantech, but I would like confirmation by Neeo about this before frying anything!

Please advise.




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  • I gave up waiting for a response from Neeo on this, and decided to go ahead and try the cable connection I proposed above, and it seems to work well.

  • I fully overseen this Topic, if i had seen it previously i had answered to you. You should consider a physical Disconnection From the NEEO Output to the Controler u use by using an optocoupler in between. Just to make sure, nothing kills your Brain!

    I think Google for a setup of optocoupler use will be easy to find a solution. the device needs noper and works with an light source and an receiver to greate a physical gap between the two electrical circuits.

    If you need more Info, you can mention me via typing an @ followed by my name if you like!

  • Glad to read this is working. Generally, the NEEO Brain is protected very well since we expected users to "just try".

    I have checked with our hardware engineers, they basically confirm that what  Markus Mahr has posted would be the perfect technical solution to make sure there is a physical protection in between the circuitry of the involved devices.

    This image describes the wiring of our 3.5mm Jack.


  • Thank you Markus Mahr  and Patrick  for this information.

    I have some Global Caché GC-CGX converters, which apparently contain/utilize an opto-isolator, and it's connector pinout seems like should work with the Neeo Brain.  I will give this a try within a few days, and report back here on how it works...

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