Recipes - I need more than one. How do I do this?

I have a LG TV, which has amazon & netflix built in & accessible via the TV remote dedicated buttons. I also have a SKY+HD box & sonos playbar for audio.

I quickly and efficiently added the sky, the tv, and had it all working on my SKY recipe. Switched on/off TV when required,  did everything perfectly.

Things fall apart when I want to add a netflix or amazon recipe. I can add the recipe which just presses the amazon/netflix button, but then I can't switch the TV off, only the SKY recipe can do that. Can't change the volume either, so got around that by removing the sonos completely and telling sonos to use the TV IR code to adjust the volume.

How can I add another recipe involving just the TV?

Also, what is the point of rooms? Why do they exist? What is their purpose? Am I expected to get another brain to control the devices in the other rooms? I cant see any logical way to use the rooms function - They do nothing apart from cluttering up the menu.

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  • Master switching is best done using an AV amp with HDMI-cec (high end ones do zones in other words rooms) and Rooms are desirable if you're using network devices like Kodi and of course lights or similar.

    It depends on your layout.


    Note: each room with it's own devices


    • Emmanuel Serebe I can't add an AV amp to this setup. So I *could* use it to control lights in a room that I am not sitting in, and to play kodi in that room too? A lot of effort has been put into this remote concerning rooms - but I can't figure out how I would use them if I needed to. Each remote can only be paired with one brain. Multiple brains, multiple remotes, one for each room. Each with the ability to control lights in other rooms as well as their own. Rooms is perfect for using the neeo app on your phone though - but not the remote. This may be why!

    • Home AV-Installer If you go over my post a bit slowly you will see that the devil is in the details. First off this remote was designed to work over the network and yes you can pair it and more remotes (NEEO) to one BRAIN but I don't know why I would want to do that. The new version (NEEO Pro) you will be able to control multipal BRAINS and so on. It was designed for bigger homes in the mind as well. As from a Home Automation point of view I do crazy things with this remote. You have missed my posts. One here :

      Now going back to the Audio-Video (AV amp, modern = they can play different sounds in different rooms), they are designed to work over the network and so do all your devices you mentioned above and so does the BRAIN.  

      The phone apps are designed to set up the remote. You start by creating devices and place them in rooms where they belong. And recipes (macros) are created and deleted to suit your needs as you may wish to control those devices. I use my remote solely for media only but also power off the whole house because it (an addition) can communicate to my home automation system over the network. 

      I know why you feel the you are because most emphasis has been put into IR codes (not a bad thing) but most modern devices communicate best over the network. 

      I think am just lazy😏 I can pick up the remote power off devices in another without going there!



    • Emmanuel Serebe There are no proper standards for IP control throughout the technology market - Sony devices work at first but always need a reboot as their control stops. LG tend to use an IP system that does not work with anything but their phone apps. NEC projectors use an ancient packet control system needing advanced knowledge, Apple TV 4 works perfectly, as do most media streaming devices. IP control, albeit the best method on paper - simply is nowhere near as compatible and shapable as IR.

    • Home AV-Installer I believe your alias is "Anonymous" but let's just not go there! 😀

      Listen. IR has been around for a long time and it's still here to stay. But here goes : my only problem with the forums here is that the posts are not numbered and that's why it's very difficult to refer  someone to a previous post. I hate repeating myself but most of the things I mentioned to you I have stated else where before. My methods are not the best because am not the best and am not a programmer (coder) but am indeed very good at connecting all things Home Automation. Am not saying that am the best and should have followers but an insight on the years I have spent researching and have spent a fortune just to perfect things. I started way back in the years of LinuxMCE and was hooked on trying to make my life as lazy as possible and boy here we now! 🙄

      Now that said, when you search Google you will find that there is an abundance of information out there and a solution for almost everything you think about. You can indeed control IR over the network and here goes : They are not the only ones in the field but good starting point.

      Don't miss Jeff@NEEO 's post. There was a very useful link of how do things with NEEO. I bookmarked it.

      If there is something I missed I can go over it and indeed am only human.

      Thank you for being patient with me.



    • Emmanuel Serebe Sending links to massively expensive neo kit for multi-room AV may not be what I need to add another recipe, but thanks! Don't know what you mean by anonymous, as I am not that - I am just someone who had to get away from your only competitor - Logitech - in the hope that *some* of what their product can do would be improved upon with the Neeo. Creating another 'recipe' on their remote is a non-event. I cannot do this with a Neeo without fudging it - A very important UI feature is missing - making this remote a one-trick pony. This remote could not be used in my last 20 installs in any way. One set of devices - multiple AV options. The neeo allows one easily, and the rest are not applicable. You have sorted the connectivity, the software is excellent and straight-forward, no 'connecting to server' messages for 30 seconds, no silverlight nonsense, no setup nightmare but then neeo completely drop the ball just as it looks like the remote control world is theirs - I can only use a damn awful harmony because all I want is a SKY / NETFLIX / AMAZON option when I pick the remote up. The fact that neeo cannot do this means I cannot recommend it, and I am out of pocket.

    • Home AV-Installer The links I post are solely for the purpose of information alone (when one mentions that something can't be done) If you follow nuro , he is trying to explain exactly what you are looking for and indeed doable with NEEO only that for now they don't have beautiful icons to impress but they are trying.

      In the image herein I have three icons : satellite, Bluray -Disk and Kodi (LibreElec) ===> In the Living Room. Each one can power on / off the TV and AV amp through their recipes using HDMI-cec. What I have not done is powering off the unused device when I move to another (although doable) but the master power hard button powers off everything! When I move to a different recipe I still need the TV and that's why I left it that way. In my case the master hard buttons do all I need and avoid cluttering the remote with icons and above all my home automation server deals with other tasks out of sight. But on a small set up you can do all you need with NEEO. Just ask!

      Now don't again miss nuro 's posts.



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    • Jeff
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    Hello  Home AV-Installer Thank you for posting this. Just so you know, you don't need to create a recipe to launch Netflix. You can simply add it as a shortcut:

    Select your Tv and you should see the Netflix shortcut (assuming the original remote has this button already). 

    Let me know if you're able to add the Netflix shortcut.


    • Jeff So I need to pick the room first, then start the SKY recipe to then swipe to the screen with the NETFLIX shortcut I create? That isn't very user friendly. When I pick up my remote, I just want to see three options after I pick the (unnecessary) room - Sky, Netflix, Amazon. Is there any way I can do this?

    • Home AV-Installer 

      if you have a Netflix button on the original remote you can make the recipe just as Jeff said.

      you can add a shortcut to netflix or create a new recipe called netflix.
      when you have to choose a app on your tv with the navigation buttons you can not make a recipe wich starts netflix automaticly.

      i made a Netflix recipe in my setup and it just works fine.
      just let me know if i can help you out.

    • nuro When I do the recipe, the TV cannot be powered off. I have to go to the SKY recipe again to be able to switch off.

    • Home AV-Installer I simply need the first 'New Recipe' options to start again - as when I created the SKY recipe - The moment I create another recipe it seems more like an 'add salt' option rather than a 'new meal' option.

    • Home AV-Installer the best you can do is adding a dummy device that creats a automated recipe.. there you can change launch and power off options. then you have recipes just the way you are talking about. i did it the same way.

      in the upper right corner of each recipe in the "hamburger" menu you can change the steps for power on and off.

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    • nuro I shouldn't have to go that deep to create something that is absolutely vital to useability - A recipe called netflix that mirrors exactly what the sky recipe does.

    • Home AV-Installer then let it be.. sorry

    • Home AV-Installer i think what you are trying to archive can be done in less than one minute! Give it a try.  

      Just add any additional source device - as example a dummy device. Call its recipe “Netflix” and add the Netflix command. Make sure to set the “show controls” step to TV. Done 

      We recommend doing it that way for two reasons: 

      1) it’s faster than setting up a recipe from scratch 

      2)  it’s also the absolut best that way as it will be status aware and fully in synch with all other devices. 

      Have a great weekend 

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    • Raphael If this works I will send you a beer

    • nuro Sorry, your idea was the same as raph's below - He explained it better, but you should also get credit if it works - will be back shortly

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