Sky Q help

I'm sure I've just missed it, but how do I search Sky Q using the NEEO, the Sky remote has a dedicated search button?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Paul McEwan Did you take a look inside the shortcut buttons that are available for the device? this butten should be there, if not, Andy should give more informations if this button is missed at this version and can be added or anything else.

  • Thanks Markus, I've managed to add it as a shortcut. As its used a lot it might makes sense to add it to the transport slide, opposite the recordings button, theres room for it. Thanks

    • Paul McEwan currently the customisation of "pre-build" slides is not yet supported by neeo. Therefor i don't know if this can be done, but this for sure can be told by Andy.

      In an later firmware this should be capable for each button by the user itself, but this of course needs time to be coded, tested and made user save.

  • Thanks Markus, maybe NEEO could amend the slide. Either way its nothing major.