Recipe with buttons and sliders

How can i make a recipe where i can use buttons, switches, sliders etc. I understand that i have to add a device which had these specialties. Does sone know wich dummy device has these abilities. My aim is to add my suncreen from somfy and my Tado thermostate. I can do this with the help of Homey and the Neeo app wich can make a virtual device in Neeo. 

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  • Hi, just add a virtual device on Homey. Then add it to NEEO, start the device on NEEO using the app and add shortcuts.


    check out my latest version, released today. There are some nice new features when building a new device.

  • When doing such, and using device type accessoire, adding this as a device. It does not make a recipe. Also if i make a recipe I do not get the ability of making shortcuts. Am I overseeing something. On the other hand if i use device type light, climate control or television it works as a charm. Very nice. I an able to control my somfy sunscreen, with the Tahima box, then, Homey with the app Somfy Tahoma, then the app Neeo, making a virtual device in Neeo. Great job. This is making the best of three worlds!

    • Marcel the device type accessoire doesn’t have its own recipe screens. You can use a accesoire’s functionality in other recipes though.

      you could add a GAMECONSOLE device in homey for instance, with the new homey app you can give it an icon of your choice, then add it to NEEO. it will give you a recipe that has a blank shortcut page for you to put whatever you like in there.

      you could name it home controls for instance and add shortcuts of your devices there.

      another option is to just add a clima device in homey and add your capabilities in to that.

      hope this helps.

  • It’s quit bizar the possibilities your app ads to Neeo. I did not believe it would work as well at this moment. But it does. This way it gives Neeo almost unlimited possibilities

    • Marcel thanks! I’m trying to expose as much of the features available as I can. 

      What you’re visually doing is coding a SDK driver without the need of coding skills. Only problem is that for me a lot of things are evident while it’s not for everyone, I should find a way to somehow make things more clear without reducing features or freedom in the features.


      to me my NEEOs and my Homey are a perfect match. Knowing that some users have bought a homey and some have bought a NEEO just because of my app is extremely satisfying. Every month I see the install base of my app grow. Yesterday there where over 80 installments of my app.

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