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Are Sonos devices the only ones that show album art on the remote, if not, which devices support this?

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  • Josh Cino That depends on the Implementation. If the device use the Player Feature from NEEO, then it is displaying the Album Art.

    Via the SDK there are some integrations allready available e.g. Kodi driver from Niels de Klerk , but as far as i know the only native available driver currently is the Sonos one.

    I will pull in Jeff and Ingrid maybe they have more devices / Inormation available

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  • Josh Cino Thank you for reaching out to us. As Markus Mahr has already mentioned we provide this full implementation only for Sonos at the moment. There are definitely some further integrations available in our SDK section. Check out our SDK section here.  If you are looking for a special implementation, please post it in the Idea Voting section that we can see and set priority for further firmware updates. Please check first if there is already voting about it. Thanks. 

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