Brand new NEEO brain won't power up

Today I tried to install my second (brand new) NEEO system at work, the one I plan to use for driver development.  The brain doesn't power up (the white led stays off, no network activity). I tried both power adapters, both power cables, and checked both adapters: they deliver 5.2V at no load.

If there something I can try, or is this a case of Dead On Arrival ?

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  • Hi,  Marc Martin. Thank you very much for reporting this. I'm very sorry to hear about that. Since you have already tried to swap both power cables and adapters, that doesn't sound too good to me. Just to be safe, did you also try another outlet? 

    Also, could you please send an e-mail to Our Support handle replacements. Please add the link to this topic and all your shipping details as well. Thanks. 

  • Yes, I tried  two different outlets. Ok, I'll contact support.

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