Remote SOS?

Couldn’t find the remote tonight and remembered it is supposed to have an SOS feature, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the app? Did this get descoped from the intial rollout? If so, when should it be available?


Or am I just blind and missed the feature in the interface?

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  • You are not blind 😉 We have not yet enabled the feature since it needs some work. The NEEO Remote closes the connection to the NEEO Brain after being a while in standby to save power, in that condition it is then no longer connected and the SOS feature would not work properly.

    We are working on it, I will try to figure out what the exact plan is for that feature.

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      • Steven Lam
      • Steven_Lam
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Patrick Can't wait to have the Neeo SOS option available to use because when you have kids...This is a "must have" features. 

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  • Here here on the Kids.. Steven Lam

    My youngest monster stashed the remote somewhere a few days ago so I sent a help email to service about beta testing the feature, this is what I go back. 



    Andreas Marti (NEEO)

    Nov 20, 05:58 PST

    Hi again,

    I'm very sorry, but no. It cannot be activated. Not that we don't want - it's not possible. And even if we could, you still would have to update the remote.

    I'm so sorry to hear, but I'm afraid we cannot help you...


    $50.00 bounty in my house now for the Neeo remote and the mia GoPro. 

  • Couldn't you have the base send a signal to the remote every 5 -10 minutes and if an SOS was sent in that time, generate the audio tone from the remote? It would use considerably less battery power than being connected full time. Hopefully the hardware is already in the remote for generating the tone. A second option would be to have a Bluetooth locator, like "Tile" does? I imagine the hardware for that is not in the remote though. Thoughts?

  • I don’t really understand how you can publish these features and not have them exist on the remotes that we all paid good money for.  

    You should specify on the site that these features are in the pipeline instead of leaving me very disappointed upon receieving a remote that has less features than what I paid for.  

    This makes me wonder whether or not to return this because you may just come out with a 2.0 when these features are finally implemented.  

    As a software engineer, I understand that development takes time, bugs will happen and that features are cut to make deadlines.  But, you would never advertise those features without them being in place because that is simply misleading advertisement and people end up buying the product under false pretenses. 

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  • just setting up my Neeo and very surprised to see that the SOS feature, which is still advertised on the Neeo website, is not available !

    How can you promote a product on a feature which does not exist ?

    Is there a timescale on this ?


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