2GIG GC2 ZWAVE and Hue

Hi all - my Neeo is enroute so I am starting my research. I have a 2Gig alarm panel with integrated master Z-wave controller. I also have, sitting in a closet, a Hue hub and lots of bulbs that haven't been used since I went mostly Z-Wave. Now with Neeo I am hoping I can use both. How would this get wired and programmed though? Since it's two different protocols and the alarm panel takes precedence as it controls thermostats based on house conditions (away/home/fire) it needs to stay in charge, so to speak.

But I'd love to get Hue back on board and obviously use Neeo as intended with the AV home theater. Thanks in advance for any early tips!

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  • I have the GC2 as well, no Hue hub but I do have something similar with Lutron Caseta. My NEEO is setup as a secondary controller. If you use Alarm.com or something similar, you need to keep the GC2 as the primary controller, or else door locks will not work. (Due to secure Z-Wave secure mode, its a Z-Wave thing and is noted in other Z-Wave controller forums.) You would also loose ability to program the key codes into the lock from the panel.

    To add NEEO as secondary controller, go into your GC2 and add a device like normal. On the NEEO you will go into advanced features and say include in existing network.  Your GC2 will discover it as a "PC Controller" and over the next hour NEEO will discover the devices on your network. (I have noticed the GC2 is slow at sending the devices to NEEO, could be shorter if you only have a few devices. I have a lot.) You will then go to discovered devices and anything it has found will show up under there, that will then allow you to add them to the NEEO remote.

  • Many thanks Brian - that's what I was kind of figuring on since pre Neeo I wanted to incorporate some other SmarThings-esque device so I can control non Z-Wave on my network. I hope this will finally glue my ecosystems together so I can use both. I miss the hue around the house... Z-Wave has been nice and all, but limiting especially since my house has lots of 2 wire locations (so best I can usually do is an on/off switch and even those are limited in scope). What's worse/lastly is many of my junction boxes are roughly 40% of the size of a regular one so I can't even put a full-sized ZW switch in there. Ahh the joys of a 120 year old home!



    • Peet Wright I'm in the same boat as you, have Lutron Caseta in the areas of the house that have not been rewired to have a neutral line. From the remote/app I can control both the Lutron and Z-Wave lights. 

    • Brian Hawkins Thanks - so in your case you have GC2 as well? If so - can the GC2 now access things on the non z-wave side? If so - I may get some caseta into the system too. I have switches in the house that cannot be fitted with Z-Wave. I even tried the little tiny Aeon inline setup - but the junction boxes are just big enough for a standard single pole switch with about a 1/2" to spare in the back and 1/4 on sides. Not sure what the builder was thinking on that one!

    • Peet Wright Yes I have the GC2 panel, and the GC2 still only handles the Z-Wave devices, there is no way for Neeo to be able to act as a protocol translator in this case. What I was referring to was that I use the Neeo as my main source to go to now, and can click from room to room on the remote or Neeo app and control all of my lighting. I still use alarm.com for the schedules and remote access into the system, but when I am at home the Neeo is far faster to use so I just open that app instead, plus with the Neeo now, I finally have the command configuration class, so you can configure the switches to say turn off the status light if I wanted, something the GC2 lacked.

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