Does NEEO prefer requests for fixes submitted here rather than via email?

Andy Patrick    I was emailing back and forth with Andy and am now wondering if you prefer requests be posted here instead?  Do you have a preference??

Similarly, do you have a preference as to granularity?   Group things into a single list?  Start a separate post for each device?  A separate post for each request?

(The email responses have dried up... so I'm wondering if email is the less preferred path?  Let me know what is best for you!)

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  • Bill Kaczmarek

    Please excuse my delayed answer. Between huge amount of tickets and Planet NEEO posts, yours got temporarily lost. I'll answer all your requests via email today. But usually, there's no preference. Mail and Planet NEEO is both okay. And usually we answer everything ASAP... So, sorry again for the silence.

  • It depends on a bit on what kind of request you are talking about. Preferably not by email since that makes it more difficult for a team to be working on (at least direct emails to one person and not the ones to our support team). 

    - Issues with specific devices => Here on Planet NEEO, preferably one thread per device

    - Issues with NEEO Hardware =>

    - Issues with shipping =>

    - General questions about everything related to NEEO: Here on Planet NEEO or

    - Request for new devices and features: Here on Planet NEEO

    - Everything related to our SDK / API: Here on Planet NEEO

    - General feedback: Here on Planet NEEO


    We are coming up with more categories here on Planet NEEO, that should improve the overview soon. 

    Preferably no double post or doing requests and replies on all channels we provide.

    I hope that helps a bit.