IR not working very well with Samsung TV

I have an older Samsung TV and honestly the IR control doesn't work that well. It has direct line of site (admittedly at a distance) and it won't turn it on half the time and fails to switch inputs.

I don't have this problem with my Harmony remote (which is operated closer since it is in the actual remote).

Couple potential thoughts:

1. Does the Neeo think it knows the state of the TV (as in, I set it to HDMI3 so I don't need to send that signal again)? Cause I don't want that at all. Just send the signal. Power on, every time; switch input, every time. This is one of the things I absolutely hate about Harmony.

2. Alternatively, where on the brain is the actual IR emitter? Is it lined up with the white power light? Or offset? Out of the skinny sliver on the bottom? Is there a setting to increase IR output power?

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  • Did you try changing the position of the NEEO Brain? Did you also try using the additional IR emitter that came with your NEEO? Would be nice if you could let us know if that makes a difference, this way we can make sure it is a problem with the IR signals arriving at your devices, or if the commands themselves need to be improved.

    The NEEO Brain emits IR in 360 degrees on the top and the bottom, so no need to point that in a specific direction.

  • Ok,

    So repositioning to be directly head on against the TV seems to fix SOME of the problems. I can't say I am terribly impressed with the power of the IR extender versus a Harmony remote.

    HOWEVER, and this is almost an absolute deal-killer, the remote seems to want to track state. If I tell it to send a "power on" command, it should do so. So when I hit my "Roku" recipe that has a TV power on command, I want it to send that power on command. Every time.

    Instead, it looks like it doesn't send that command. It skips it if it thinks the TV is on. EVEN WORSE, even when I test commands, it won't let me test the power on command if it thinks the TV is on. I have to test power off first and then power on.

    I absolutely don't want state tracking. Given the somewhat iffy IR signals, not every signal registers. Also, not everyone is going to use the remote for everything. My kids aren't. My wife barely does. I want it to send the power on command each and every time I tell it to. I don't care if the TV is already on. This also seems to be a problem with input switching. If it thinks it is on HDMI3 - it will god damns not send another HDMI3 command even though it is on HDMI1. 

    If it sounds like I am pissed, it is because I am. It makes the remote absolutely unusable for me.

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  • I have IR issues as Well with my DirecTV.   I've put the brain and IR blaster in multiple places and can function my soundbar, Apple TV and TV with out any issues.  I can put the DTV remote in the same place as the Neeo and operate the controls, but the Neeo just won't talk to my DTV unit very well if at all.   I am using  an IR repeater to my DTV unit.  I've even put the brain right up to the IR receiver and still flaky.  Is there maybe something to do with the frequency of the IR and maybe my repeater is not picking it up properly. That the frequency of the IR from Neeo is not quite the same as my DTV remote?  I really don't have any idea what's happening but it makes the Neeo pretty unusable for my DTV. 

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  • I have to double tap or do a long press before the ir signal is registered by my devices.  Very annoying.  The duration of the signals sent by the Neeo brain seem to be too short.

  • I had the same issues when I first did  setup.  Some I worked around, others must be fixed in the software.

    Regarding state switching at power on: if your system is on then neeo assumes equipment is on when switching. To work around this just add an extra power on command in each recipe in the launch portion. 

    Regarding general response to input switching: this seems to be due to the neeo sending commands too fast for the equipment. I fixed mine using manual delays between commands. Andy is now working on updating the device driver for my equipment so the problem is fixed for everyone. I think the plan was to start a post to gather device timing information from people to resolve this step by step for any equipment with this problem. 

    Regarding IR response in general:  I had similar issues. I found the best setup was with the neeo or the extra emitter at least 3 inches from the IR receiver. When they touch directly didn't seem to be the most reliable. 

    • Jamie yes yes yes. I moved input switching to bottom of recipe then it worked. 

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      Would you both mind post a screenshot of your recipes? I think we should then be able to update our database so that this is no longer needed.

  • So adding an extra power on will fix it? I think it will refuse to send a power on no matter what if it thinks it is on. 


    Or do I need to add a power off before hand? Kills the point of power on then since the advantage is it does nothing if the power is already on.  I suppose I could add a power toggle before the power on. But that will result in the tv turning off and on all the time. 

    Neeo thinks it knows better than me. It doesn't and I don't like it at all. Could I modify the IR codes or recipe so it doesn't track state?

  •  you can add an additional power on in each recipe and neeo should execute the command. i wouldn't use power toggle as you will end up with issues. 

    Let us know if you have any luck. 

  • Tarun Nagpal That is very interesting, as far as I know, that is not supposed to happen. Can you let me know which firmware you are running on the NEEO Brain? I will then give this a test as quickly as possible. Also, if you could share some pics of your setup I am sure we and the community here could help to find a better position for your NEEO Brain.

    Matt B Could you let us know which exact model of directtv you have, or rather what the exact device is that you have added to your NEEO?


    Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of the device drivers to by going to the settings in your NEEO App, then choose "Devices", then click on the devices themselves and choose "update".

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  • Tarun Nagpal I have talked to the team and I did some testing, I must admit that I have apparently provided false information about the power commands still being sent. You are right, these commands do no longer get sent out ones we think the devices are on. You are running the lates firmware.

    I have not yet tested how adding the commands a second time in the recipes behaves, but I assume this does not fix your problem?

    Which power commands do not work for you reliably? In which use case are you running into the issue, when switching over to another source/recipe? I am just wondering if we could maybe fix the commands so you don't actually have the need to keep us from tracking the state.

    As for the inputs, did you have a chance to try adjusting the "wait" in the recipe so that it waits longer? While testing that, make sure to turn off the smart delay option.

  • Hi,

    I still don't want state tracking. There is no reason for it since there are usually discrete POWER ON and POWER OFF commands. If the TV is on and you send another power on, what is the harm?

    State tracking is an arrogant assumption by the company that it is the only interface that I will be using. Maybe I want Alexa or some other automation to do something sometimes, and it would be nice if I didn't have to make sure everything was aligned perfectly with NEEO to use it. I am still working on figuring out positioning of the brain to maximize receptivity, so there is definitely a bit of positioning that I need to work out.

    Adding second commands did not work, nor can you actually test the command if it doesn't match state.

    I have played with the waits without much luck.

    This is really frustrating and really limiting my ability to use this remote.

  • That is a really really interesting wish, I hear the opposite all day long, users want us to do state tracking even further than we currently go 😉

    I have done some further testing, unfortunately, I have to confirm your findings. We'll discuss this at the next meeting.

  • State tracking is fine for 2 way communication like IP control. But with IR it means you can only hope everything is in sync. Like I said, there is zero harm in sending a power on command to an already on device. And only a slight flicker in sending HDMI 1 to a tv already on HDMI 1.  

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