NEEO 'Menu' button with Samsung UN65KS8000

In my TV recipe (with TV controls showing on the touchscreen), nothing happens when I press the physical Menu button on the NEEO remote. However, when I press 'Menu' from the recipe's shortcut page, I get the correct action (the SmartHub menu pops up on my TV). I'm not asking to be able to customize the action of my physical menu button, although that would be a sweet feature eventually. All I'd like is for the Menu button to bring up the menu! Thanks! 

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  • Hi, I asked the same question a few days back and the way to get the smart hub menu up is to long press the menu button on your neeo remote.  Question for you, when you set up your Samsung tv, do you get the play, pause, stop, FF, and RW buttons anywhere on neeo? Mines don't show up.

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    • Rene F Campoy Thanks very much, the long press of the physical Menu button does bring up the smart hub menu. My Play, Pause, Fast Forward and Reverse buttons show up on the second page of the TV recipe. Perhaps your recipe does not include a step to "Show TV Controls"?

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