There are no specific rules about what you may post here, whatever you are thinking about, be it related to NEEO, home automation in general, new features you want to have, getting a new TV or anything else, go ahead and share it.



As this is a public place, we must define some limits. Here is a list of things we will not accept on Planet NEEO, this is not concluding and we keep ourselves the right to delete content in individual cases:

  • Any kind of bad language or ranting
  • Racism or discrimination
  • Personal insults on other users
  • Personal insults on NEEO employees
  • Sexism or gender discrimination
  • Pornographic content
  • Unethical content
  • Infringement of copyrights
  • Commercials for other companies



Planet NEEO is a managed community, meaning a team from NEEO is online to help you and to make sure the information and feedback you are posting reach the right persons. We are basically reading everything on Planet NEEO.

In the extremely rare situations when the moderation team has to take the drastic measure to either edit or remove a post, you will receive a personal message from the moderation team with a clear statement for the reason.



There are different automated tools which help the moderation team to keep things on Planet NEEO tidy. There are automated spam and profanity word filters which are active right when you post a reply, if your post is caught by one of these filters it is blocked and sent into a review queue for the moderation team. In this case, your account is temporarily blocked from posting anything further until the post has been reviewed. 

In addition to these two filters, there is an option for all community members to flag specific posts. If a post is flagged it also lands within the review queue, the moderation team can then remove these flags. If a post gets flagged more then five times without the moderation team removing these flags, the post is removed until the moderation team does a review of it. The flagging is anonymously any you will never get any names from us whatsoever. 

In case the moderation team decides that your post cannot be published, you will receive a personal message from the moderation team with a clear statement for the reason.

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