Witch Fairs / Shows will NEEO be visible?

Hello Raphael or Patrick ,

on witch Fairs the NEEO and you Guys will be visitable?

The first i found is the CEDIA 2017 located in San Diego, but i was wondering if this is the only one planned from your side.

Maybe you should Provide a Updated list were to find you somewhere on Planet NEEO or on your Website. But until now i was not able to find something like that!

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  • In addition to CEDIA I personally know that chances are huge that we will be at CES 2018. I will try to figure out what else is planned.

      • Raphael
      • Raphael
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Oskar Haldemar Markus Mahr for now CEDIA next week is confirmed. High likelihood for ISE Amsterdam 2018, CES Las Vegas 2018 and IFA 2018. I have typically put a blog post out to inform upfront and often we can even arrange some tickets for people who come to see us. Do you think it needs more than a blogpost? Thanks

    • Raphael high likelihood at ISE 2018? Keep us posted, the likelihood is high that I will be around also. Would love to meet you guys.

      • Raphael
      • Raphael
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Cédric Dörig Then I would call that I high likelihood that we drink beer together in early 2018😉

    • Raphael I like! it's a date! 😅

    • Raphael perhaps a blogpost is sufficient in this case, or list them on Facebook as coming activities If they are a sure thing. But an event/activity page could also hold more stuff than just trade show appearances - say if NEEO are planing on other coming events.

      Happy to hear that IFA is on the roadmap for 2018:) 

      I might be at CES and it would be awesome to sit down and talk over a beer or two!


  • Oskar Haldemar Markus Mahr PS: I would love to drink a beer with you guys after one of the shows

    • Raphael If you know the exact Date and when you are 100% sure that you are there, i will take a look, where to attend!

    • Raphael you know it! Cheers!


    This was IFA eleven years ago. We had a ton of fun designing and building this theatre for JBL. Just like with NEEO - we did not sleep much, but it was worth it as people loved it ;)

  • Raphael any new Shows or plans from your side?

  • As far as I know right now, there are no further shows planned other that CES Las Vegas 2018 and IFA 2018.

    • Patrick Raphael Will NEEO not be at Integrated Systems Europe 2018?

    • Niels de Klerk I think, IFA = ISE because of an other Post from Raphael and a short Private Conversation with both Patrick and Raphael. Never heard, that they also attend IFA.

    • Markus Mahr I thought so to. But maybe i misunderstood.

    • Niels de Klerk I hope they tipped it wrong! I already organised eveything (except the Airplane Ticket) to attend at 9th. Hope to see you as well, since somewhere i read that you also planning the 9th!