Can't set remote volume buttons to work with sonos

Desperate here, sorry but the "insanely setup" is massively complicated. I have no way to set the hard buttons of the remote to work with my sonos attached to the tv.


TV - LG43UF772V

optical out to Sonos Connect

Sonos connect uses Sonos 2x play 1 as stereo with Subwoofer in "Livingroom" connection.


The recipe starts and does everything. can even use the volume slider in the touchscreen (set it as shortcut). Only the hard buttons on the remote still want to set the volume of the TV. 

Sorry that I'm agitated but I just don't buy this thing to be roaming in forums all evening looking for the answer and I think it's way beyond the purpose that I even have to write this message 

Hope you will have an answer to how I can get this to work. 

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  • It can be possible, that you need to adjust the recipe by hand. this means, that you open up the app, open the menu select recipes search for the recipe you like and edit it (launed recipe) therein you should find a step calles use volume of this must be linked to sonos.

    If you don't have such a step, you find a well known issue with hand created recipes. Therefor you can add dummy devices (seach for dummy) or any device you don't own to get an automatic recipe and edit it the way yu like to have it.

    if you need further infos, do not hesitate to mention me (type @ followed by ma name) so i will get an mail with your reply and i will for sure answere when i find the time.

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