KODI driver now in beta [1.3.8]

KODI IP driver for NEEO.


This will be a full featured kodi driver for NEEO. This driver is in an early beta stage so expect issue. I kindly request to only report crashes including crashlogs, Features will come later.

Remove the device you are using from NEEO before using this new version. I still make a lot of changes with every version to find the sweet spot.

The driver state: Early BETA


  • Discovering KODI instances.
  • Wake on Lan as POWER ON command.
  • Browse through movies and recent Movies. (add the Movie Library as shortcut).
  • Browse through TV Shows and recent episodes. (add the TV Shows Library as shortcut).
  • Browse through PVR TV Stations and Radio Stations. (add the PVR Library as shortcut).
  • Browse through Music Albums, recent Albums and Music Video's. (add the Music Library as shortcut).
  • Large Now playing cover image. (add the <Now Playing Cover (large)> Image as shortcut).
  • Small Now playing cover image. (add the <Now Playing Cover (Small)> Image as shortcut).
  • Now playing label. (add the Label as shortcut).
  • Volume Slider. (add the Slider as shortcut).
  • When EPG is available the broadcasted title is shown on TV Channels.
  • All known API commands are exposed as buttons.
  • Button to update Audio Library.
  • Button to update Video Library.
  • Content aware controlls.


  • Kodi password must be set to nothing or to "kodi". Username/Password is not being handled.
  • Kodi 17.x on Android is not supported because it lacks Zeroconf, alternatives are using KODI 18 or use LibreElec.
  • The "kodi Player" driver is NOT complete. use it for fun or show of but please Don't add bug reports for that. It's mainly unusable at this point.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine.


You will need a copy of Node.js (v6) installed, see http://nodejs.org On windows you need either Bonjour SDK or iTunes installed for MDNS discovery.


Download or clone the github files to a directory of your choosing. Extract the files. Use your computers console and go to the path where the files are extracted and Install the package using NPM.

npm install

Running the driver

Use your computers console and go to the path where the files are extracted, Start the driver with NPM.

npm start

Running the driver the old way or for debugging.

Use your computers console and go to the path where the files are extracted, Edit the file Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js to your pesonal setup, then Start the Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js file with node.

node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js

or use in Visual Studio Code

KODI Settings

In Kodi make sure to enable the following settings:

  • "Announce services to other systems", (not posible on kodi v17.x on android, Upgrade to kodi v18 Beta)
  • "Allow remote control via HTTP", (Used for grabbing images)
  • "Allow remote control from applications on other systems".
  • set Kodi User/Password to either kodi/kodi or leave the password blank (default).

Usefull links


  • Niels de Klerk - Initial work - Github
  • Michael Kohler - Debugging and help
  • NEEO - SDK - Website


  • ability to add credentials.


Version 1.3.8

  • Added Music Queue.
  • Added Movies in progress.
  • Fixed issue not showing cover art when other kodi webservice is used.
  • Fixed showing listitems x times.
  • Devices need to be re-added. sorry.
  • Fixed list error when kodi didn't report any items.
  • Rewriting browsing service for Player
  • Added generic Library Directory while still having the generic Movies, Music, etc..
  • Fixed content aware controls being dependant on english language.
  • Added disconnected message to listview.
  • Added SUBTITLE and AUDIO (Language) Buttons.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Fixed lists limited to 64 items.
  • Added PLAY PAUSE button for handeling play pause in Player, is mapped to OK button.
  • Added Player Components. (only debug mode as it's not working properly yet.)

Version 1.2.2

  • Reconnect when connection is lost.

Version 1.2.1

  • Removed Module node-arp, Using native Kodi RPC call.
  • Removed Module node-kodi, Using purpose build websocket connector.
  • Improved discovery time from 8 Seconds to 3.
  • Removed Module request.
  • Bugfix: Recent movies returns actual count to list.
  • Bugfix: list limit could exceed item count.
  • Bugfix: Empty list were cousing an issue.

Version 1.2.0

  • Converted all connection methods to use websocket.
  • Added now playing image, Small.
  • Added now playing image, Large.
  • Added now playing label.
  • Added volume slider.

Version 1.1.4

  • Added websocket connection.

Version 1.1.3

  • Reworked the way itemlists are build. now steps of 64 items are fetched.
  • Code cleaning.
  • Fixed images.

Version 1.1.2

  • fixed reacurring filter issue

Version 1.1.1

  • NPM start fix

Version 1.1.0

As all basic features are now working i've updated to 1.1.0.

  • Fixed an endless discovery bug when a device got offline
  • Fixed a WOL bug.
  • Added PVR TV stations. Shows a list of TV channels and if EPG info is availeble also the current broadcast title.
  • Added PVR Radio stations. Shows a list of Radio channels and if EPG info is availeble also the current broadcast title.
  • Added contentaware buttons of Channel UP and Channel Down.
  • Added Recent Albums

Version 1.0.12

  • Added support fot Music albums and tracks.
  • Added Preloading Music albums.
  • Added Library cache and background fetching. (especially nice with huge libraries.)
  • Added support for Music Videos.

Version 1.0.11

  • Changed SDK-CLI Start method.

Version 1.0.10

  • added movie filters: All, Watched, Unwatched.

Version 1.0.9

  • added genre to movie list. just to play around, might change.

Version 1.0.8

  • Changed code to use NEEO CLI, Remove old files first!
  • Added a debugging file for use with IDE. Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js
  • Removed Circular dependancies, Thanks to Michael Kohler
  • Fixed promise.resolve issues.

Version 1.0.7

  • Changed the way to obtain the MAC address.

Version 1.0.6

  • Added content aware controlls. i.e. using cursor in movie to skip.

Version 1.0.5

  • Added Discovery logging to troubleshoot.
  • removed IP in index.
  • restructuring code.... (Still ongoing, could take a while)
  • Starting to implement content aware buttons to behave like normal ir Remote or Key's

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed "ENTER" -> "CURSOR ENTER"
  • Fixed Button controlls.
  • Added Connection banner in KODI.
  • Added Offline discovery.
  • Automatically reconnect.
  • Rewritten WOL, (POWER ON)
  • Automatically connect to KODI instance when POWER ON command is send. (maximum boot duration supported is 5 Minutes).
  • Manual connect to KODI instance when any command is send. (Command is not queued except for Power ON and Power Off).
  • restructured Commands.
  • Cleaned NEEO Controller.
  • Added logo_NEEO_Twitter to images.
  • Removed discovery from browserService-Movie.
  • Removed discovery from browserService-TVShow.
  • Added timer configuration in KODI Controller.

Version 1.0.3

  • Rewritten BrowserService for TV Shows

Version 1.0.2

  • Restructured discovery process.
  • Restructured controller for Kodi.
  • Rewritten BrowserService for Movies.
  • Added BrowserService for music
  • Added BrowserService for pvr
  • Added BrowserService for TV Shows
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  • Glad to be back home after few months traveling and discovering this topic .. Yaaay thanks.


    So for testing purpose running Kodi on my macmini connected to a monitor not (TV or AVR) in a different room with no brain.

    1) installed your git repo

    2) Installed nodejs

    3) started the services- I can see service connected to brain

    4) installed Neeo kodi ip device driver - Happy to see kodi being discovered.

    5) configuring recipe - Blocked here as not able to configure cable salad with my current macmini setup. 

    One more question. Is it possible to configure Kodi on Firetv with Kodi IP driver ?

    • Jay Choudhary if it allows to be discovered then yes. Only some kodi versions on android won’t work because of a kodi bug, solution there is to use the beta version of kodi. 

  • Thanks playing with nodejs debug setting


    name: "kodi-adapter",
        devices: [kodi] //kodi, kodiPlayer


    what would be name or device and if I have to change then where can I find the details from

    • Jay Choudhary could you explain what you want to achieve? What your showing are the drivers both normal kodi and the option to include the kodi player (like sonos)

  • Thanks got it working. Is it possible to display installed addson on neeo screen?

    • Jay Choudhary no my driver doesn’t have that included. Technically I think it’s possible.

  • thanks it would be great if you can , btw I have it working fully now. Thanks :) you made this remote awesome :).


    One last question

    would it be possible to launch Kodi from firetv automatically as a part of recipe ?

    • Jay Choudhary I don’t have a FireTV so I’m not sure. Maybe there is an API that can start apps on a FireTV? I know that Markus Mahr uses the controls of his player while using my drivers lists as shortcuts. That’s another solution you could play with. 

    • Niels de Klerk Jay Choudhary I don't think that this will be easy to do. The only way i know how to do it is via ADB but this is a not very fast solution as there are lots of time needed to have the signal processed. it also requires to run an adb server in parallel to the kodi driver. Technically i don't know an other way to do it, but to be honest, i also don't check it for quite a long time, as i'm using my Shield to only display the Kodi Software and nothing else currently.

  • Hello, i hope someone can help me. I am trying to install the driver but when i send the command npm start the service will not start. This is the log do someone know what the problem can be?


    > neeo_driver-kodi@1.3.8 start /volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master
    > neeo-sdk start

    could not load devices in file @eaDir: Cannot find module '/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/devices/@eaDir'
     Error: Cannot find module '/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/devices/@eaDir'
        at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:538:15)
        at Function.Module._load (module.js:468:25)
        at Module.require (module.js:587:17)
        at require (internal/module.js:11:18)
        at fs.readdirSync.filter.map (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/deviceloader.js:69:16)
        at Array.map (<anonymous>)
        at loadDevicesFrom (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/deviceloader.js:65:6)
        at getLocalDevices (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/deviceloader.js:32:10)
        at Object.loadDevices (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/deviceloader.js:15:20)
        at BluePromise (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/devicecontroller.js:61:34)
        at Promise._execute (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/debuggability.js:313:9)
        at Promise._resolveFromExecutor (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/promise.js:483:18)
        at new Promise (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/promise.js:79:10)
        at loadDevices (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/devicecontroller.js:60:10)
        at Object.startDevices (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/devicecontroller.js:27:7)
        at Object.<anonymous> (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/cli/index.js:30:18)
    Kodi Driver by Niels de Klerk.
    No Brain address configured, attempting to discover one...
    ERROR! Error: No Brain found after 5000ms!
        at CatchSubscriber.mdns.getMdnsStream.pipe.catchError [as selector] (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/neeo-sdk/lib/discover/brain-lookup.js:36:15)
        at CatchSubscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/operators/catchError.js:48:31)
        at TapSubscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/operators/tap.js:75:26)
        at TapSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at TakeSubscriber.Subscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:93:26)
        at TakeSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at MergeMapSubscriber.Subscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:93:26)
        at MergeMapSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at FilterSubscriber.Subscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:93:26)
        at FilterSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at FilterSubscriber.Subscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:93:26)
        at FilterSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at TimeoutWithSubscriber.OuterSubscriber.notifyError (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/OuterSubscriber.js:26:26)
        at InnerSubscriber._error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/InnerSubscriber.js:31:21)
        at InnerSubscriber.Subscriber.error (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/Subscriber.js:73:18)
        at Observable._subscribe (/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master/node_modules/rxjs/internal/observable/throwError.js:6:86)
    npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
    npm ERR! errno 1
    npm ERR! neeo_driver-kodi@1.3.8 start: `neeo-sdk start`
    npm ERR! Exit status 1
    npm ERR! 
    npm ERR! Failed at the neeo_driver-kodi@1.3.8 start script.
    npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above

    • John van Dijk looks like you need to do a “npm install” first. It’s missing modules.

    • Niels de Klerk  first of all thanks for the driver. i installed npm. after your answer i did it again. I installed it on my synology

      admin@nas:/volume1/apps/neeo_driver-kodi-master$ npm install
      added 8 packages, removed 7 packages and updated 13 packages in 14.356s

      Problem still exist ;-(

    • John van Dijk I’m sorry to read that. I never seen the error before. You could try to use the debug file. First edit it to include the correct brain IP. And run it by typing “node <filename.json>”

    • John van Dijk ah I see. I think the Synology doesn’t have avahi installed (MDNS).

    • Niels de Klerk hmmm can't find anything to run that avahi (mdns) from my synology. i am thinking to start on a fresh pi or a linux vm. i saw someone in this topic with the same error message on windows. can ask for that otherwise i take a pi. Thanks so far

    • John van Dijk 
      If you're into it, you could run docker with a vanilla linux (Ubuntu, or even nodejs) for that on your synology, then you can customize that linux with whatever you like (avahi).

    • Ton van Oeveren 
      Oh yeah, keep in mind to instruct the container to run in the host network (--net host), otherwise the Brain won't be able to connect to it.

  • Thank you for the great driver. Only missing a few buttons for a perfect kodi remote:

    - delete

    - subtitle search

    - subtitle time +

    - subtitle time -

  • Got my NEEO today and so far very pleased. Tried to get Kodi on my NUC to work but at this moment with limited success... I got an error message (see below), seems to be network related(?). Anyone an idea how to solve this? 

    - Brain discovered: NEEO Living Room
    - Start server, connect to NEEO Brain: { brain: 'NEEO Living Room',
      host: 'NEEO-d2324822.local',
      port: 3000 }
    ERROR! { Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN neeo-d2324822.local neeo-d2324822.local:3000
        at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:58:26)
    • Michael Fokkens So I was able to run the driver without error messages by including the IP address in Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js.

      Now I have the challenge that although "dns-sd -B _neeo._tcp" shows the brain and the app indicated the registered SDK, I'm not able to see the driver when I search for "kodi" in the devices.
      Restarted both brain and router; No Luck.

    • Michael Fokkens how are you starting/running the driver? 

      It is necessary to run it the whole Time, i'm using pm2 for that. 

    • Michael Fokkens what OS are you running? I am currently having the same issue on windows 10 lately, haven’t found a fix yet

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz I used the console to run the Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js file with node. Tried also to start with pm2, however the device still doesn't show.

    • Niels de Klerk Indeed Windows 10, so that explains the "mystery". Thanks for letting me know!

  • Kodi has been working great with this sdk.

    Thanks for this. But do i need to keep the command prompt working at all the times with the command running in the background? I was wondering if this can be added to a services running in the windows background?

    Also, can we change the color of the page from white to something darker.. or similar to neeo's background page?

  • Is this driver still working?

    I followed the guides step by step, and it absolutely seems broken to me?

    When the driver is running on my Synology after a fresh reboot - the driver shows up in NEEO. However when I press it, it cannot find any devices. Even though my NVIDIA Shield is set up exactly like the driver prompts and the guide is saying.

    If I press back and try to find the driver again, it does not show up. So it is like it times out or something?

    If I remove my Shield from NEEO, like the instructions here say, before trying to add it, it won’t even find the driver. No clue why that is the case, as they shouldn’t even be connected at that point?

    I am a little bit worried how overly complicated this is, and how the community around NEEO seems completely dead. If you guys had to be honest, is this product end of life at this point? I honestly could have drawn a remote, had it CNC milled and installed it with buttons and a Pi Zero for all remote goodness in less time than I have spent trying to get this KODI driver working :(

  • Symbology doesn’t do multicast. It actually cannot find your devices because of it. The driver works perfectly.

    • Well that explains a lot! Thank you!

      One thing before I spend too much time getting it running on a Pi or something. How will it handle KODI running on a Shield, where I also use the Shield for other stuff like Netflix, Youtube etc.? I assume the controls are assigned directly to KODI via IP and there are no CEC controls to the device in this case?

      Also, can I access all the actions available in KODI through the driver? On my Harmony, I basically only use the basic transport controls and then most importantly the offset for audio and subtitles. For some reason, that stuff always goes out of sync, and I need to scrub it a bit, so those controls are vital.

    • Bendix Sørensen it uses IP indeed. The driver supports browsing your content directly on the remote. And all commands you would expect, some users control their shield using CEC or through their TV (CEC using the TV) while using my driver for it special features. I use the full driver but I control a Kodi only setup through my minix and HTPC (Intel NUC) Whatever works best for you.

  • Not much is going my way in terms of Neeo it seems :( I got your driver working on my old Synology NAS, but just had to update to a newer module, because of unrelated things.

    Well I did the exact same things, but I am now getting this:



    It seems buttons are working, but covers and titles etc. are not. 

    Any clue what that could be?

  • Could anybody help with this log file and error message? Why is this so complicated to install?

  • Still no final version :(

    Kodi is in my opinion the most interesting use of NEEO, because its screen could finally be fully exploited. Very disappointed in the development time of NEEO.

    Thanks to the independent devs.

    • David T : you’re not gonna like what you’re about to find about NEOO.

      It is over, they sold out. So from now on, you won’t see any development at all.

      Like 1
      • David T
      • David_T
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Bendix Sørensen 
      They sold to whom ? What are the buyer's projects ?

      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      David T Control4 has bought NEEO, NEEO is dead 

      • David T
      • David_T
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view


    • David T Niels is (hopefully) busy doing more important work on NEEO. In the meantime, I am working on a fork, you might check out:


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  • Hi Niels de Klerk ,


    can you give me a hint for the following things:


    • Where can i activate the "record" Button of the touch screen in your Driver or can you edit it on github?
    • How can I change the key assignment of the Hardwarebuttons (Channel Up + Down)?
      • At Live TV they are for the foreward and rewind actions, but i want them for Channel Up + Down)

    Can you give me a hint for these things? I know that the End of Neeo is near, but i want to use it as long as possible.


    MfG Benny

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz you can edit the file named kodi-commands.js to enable the feature you need by removing  // for the specific commands that are standard not included.

      you can also choose to map different actions to different button names in NEEO. Just keep in mind that the naming of buttons in NEEO are fixed, so don’t change the names.



    • Niels de Klerk thx for your fast reply, but when I'm renoving the leading /// and restarting the neeo Service, your driver doesn't start anymore. 

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz it’s because the last original line of code doesn’t end with a comma “,” all these lines must end with a comma except the last line of code. The comma says, there is another line. I don’t have a computer with me, so I can’t do it for you atm. 

    • Niels de Klerk thx a lot for the hint, this must be enough for me. 

      I'll Look for this tonight. 

    • Niels de Klerk 

      I just tested it and changed Line 24 in the kodi-commands.js from 

      "CHANNEL UP": { method: "Input.ExecuteAction", params: { action: "channelup" }, cac: false },


      CHANNEL UP: { method: "Input.ExecuteAction", params: { action: "channelup" }, cac: false },

      and restart the cli with

      systemctl restart neeo-server.service

      After the Change and Restart the Driver isn´t possible to start, the same with Line 56 (Page Up).

      I´m editing the File with Notepad++.

    • Channel up should be with double quotes as it contains a spacial character. 

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  • You uncommented a line. Probably one below line number 143. As that was the last line in the object it doesn’t contain a comma on the end.


    add a comma on line 143 and remove the comma on the last line in the object, for instance if you uncommented record and it’s the last line then remove the comma (the last one) there.

    • Niels de Klerk Thank you for your Help, now I´m understanding something more.


      But I still do not understand one thing:

      I want to use the Channel Up + Down function from the Hardbuttons on the Remote. 

      As I understand it, the remote automatically detects the CHANNEL UP and map it to the Hardbutton, but it doesn´t work. I´ve already tried to change the 


      from MEDIAPLAYER to TV in the index.js, but this doesn´t help.

  • Hi Niels, I just started using your driver this week,(i was on the other kodi driver since it work fine for me.) Maybe this is already discussed, i searched but couldn't find anything; can you tell me where to change the powerdown cycle to suspend?

  • are there any plans to finally release it to the brain?

    is this solution feasable for a windows pc with kodi installed?

    Like 1
    • Urs Klingler I don't think so. 

      NEEO is sold and will be shut down this or next year, so it's useless to make something for neeo. 

    • Urs Klingler The driver will work with any Kodi in your network including the one in your PC. But as Benjamin was saying you need a computer in order to have the Kodi driver running. Your PC can do it but by far the best solution is a raspberry pi. This small computer cost below 50 bucks and use less than 10USD of electricity per year.

  • i have a rasperry in my network. is there a very simple step by step guide how to install it on there? i tried it withthe information on top of this topic but i somehow failed.

    thanks for your help guys.

  • Where are you stuck? 

    • JeanArnaud 

      so far i was (hopefully) able to install it on my Raspberry, but when i try to search for the remorte i stuck always on the same two screens and i cant find my mediacenter with kodi on it.


      root@DietPi:~/neeosdk/neeo_driver-kodi# node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI-PLAYER.js
      WARNING: addRootDirectory() is deprecated in favor of addDirectory() and will be                          removed in future versions.
      WARNING: addQueueDirectory() is deprecated in favor of addDirectory() and will b                         e removed in future versions.
      Kodi Driver by Niels de Klerk.
      WARNING: addRootDirectory() is deprecated in favor of addDirectory() and will be                          removed in future versions.
      WARNING: addQueueDirectory() is deprecated in favor of addDirectory() and will b                         e removed in future versions.
      Updater registered.
      # READY! use the NEEO app to search for "KODI IP Driver".
      Initialize KODI Controller.
      Discovery:  Start
      Discovered devices requested by NEEO.
      Discovery:  Stop
      Responding discovered devices to NEEO.
      Discovered devices requested by NEEO.
      Discovery:  Start
      Discovery:  Stop
      Responding discovered devices to NEEO.
      Discovered devices requested by NEEO.
      Discovery:  Start
      Discovery:  Stop


      i made a installation on windows and there it worked. so far, i'm sure that the settings in kodi are all set correct.

      any idea how to troubleshoot this issue?

    • Urs Klingler Ok so basically, you can find the driver from your Neeo right ? It is when the driver is setup, the driver can't find any Kodi.

      Well my first point would be to make 100% sure all are on the same wifi network.

      Then for Raspberry you don't need the equivalent of Bonjour for windows as far as I remember.


      Can you also please confirm that you are seeing the Kodi when you run the Neeo Kodi driver from your computer ? Just to be sure.

      What I can tell you is I have various kodi installs, one in my TV, one in an android Box, one in my XBox One X and another one in my main computer. All have been found without any issue by the driver.

      Can you confirm the 2 questions I mentionned just for me to narrow down the understanding of the problem ?


    • JeanArnaud i can find the driver from neeo.
      yes, the driver cant find codi, even if its on the same Network.
      all devices are in the same network. i can ping all the deivces from any side.

      i have bonjour installed on my PC where Kodi is running, i have set all settings as described.

  • Bonjour should not be in your computer with kodi but the one with the driver as it helps you discover other network items. Are you 100% sure you have these 4 items met ?

    • "Announce services to other systems", (not posible on kodi v17.x on android, Upgrade to kodi v18 Beta) (you can have kodi 18.5 leia now)
    • "Allow remote control via HTTP", (Used for grabbing images)
    • "Allow remote control from applications on other systems".
    • set Kodi User/Password to either kodi/kodi or leave the password blank (default).
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