Yellow exclamation point for the TV channels

Hello, why on the icon of my tv I always have an exclamation point for the TV channel while in device "tv" I stipulated that I have a satellite tv box for TV channels ??? and I can not take it off!

I re-installed 3 times the TV device and every time it comes back Grrrrr !
Cordially Alain (France)

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  • Hi,  Alain Durenberger. Thank you for reaching out to us. The Yellow Exclamation mark is showing until you have favorites defined.  When you add a Favorite Channel the exclamation mark will disappear. To which device is the step "Show controls..." set in your TV recipe? Please add any Favorites first, until you edit the recipe step "Show controls" in your automatically created TV recipe. Please let me know if that works for you. 

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  • Alain Durenberger With the update from today, you should be able to remove the favorite slides, and the exclamation mark will disappear.

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