Power state handling in Recipes

I do not quite understand how NEEO is doing the power state handling.



I have added a custom recipe and added just all Power Off commands of all my devices I own.

I expect that when I press on this recipe, NEEO sends the Power Off commands to all devices, independently if they have been used before or not. (I do not have stupid devices without discrete Power Off commands). If a device is on, it will swtich off, if the device is already off, the Power Off command is sent anyway but of course nothing happens.

NEEO on the other hand only sends the Power Off commands to the devices it thinks they are on. (started in a receipt before). If a device has been powered on not from NEEO (eg. original remote, CEC, Smarphone App), it will not be powered off. 



I have modified an automatuic recipe (Watch Netflix with the devices TV, AVR) and deleted the steps "Power On TV" and "Power On AVR" because they are not needed. The TV turns on automatically with the "Send Netflix action to TV" and my AVR turns on automatically with the "Change Input of AVR to Input xy".

The advantage is that I dont have to wait xx seconds after powering on the devices to change the input when it can be done with just one action.


I expect that when i turn off the recipe that all my devices will be powered off

NEEO on the other hand does not send a Power Off command to my AVR (because I have deleted the Power On and it thinks that the AVR is not running?)


Why does't NEEO sends the dicrete Power Commands any logic? 

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  • Hi Beni , although I cannot help with your current issues, I wanted to ask, where did you get the Netflix recipe from? I'm wondering because I would like to have one myself, though it might not really work since we might have different TV's, nevertheless, maybe I can twist it a bit... :)

    Thanks in advance and regards


      • Beni
      • Beni
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Martin Rohner I just added my TV a second time and named the Device Netflix, so I have a new auto recipe available. There I added tthe step to start the Netflix App on my Sony Android TV.

      • Martin Rohner
      • The only easy day was yesterday...
      • Martin_Rohner
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Beni , that sounds like a cool solution for me, will give that a try tonight or tomorrow eve...

      Tnx and cheers


  • Patrick 

    Any answer on this?

    When a device as been Powered On by something else than a power in command from NEEO (e.g. CEC, Chromecast, original Remote) a power Off command from NEEO does nothing...

  • I would appreciate a solution for this as well, I have a similar setup and experience the same problem, that my receiver isn't turned off unless it has been explicitly turned on with the "power on" command.

  • Beni you can look forward to the next release with will include not only a clever assumption mode as an alternative to the current stupid device handling but also a true Smartener that listens to CEC and allows devices that are actually power-status-stupid to become smart with true feedback. 

    The other case you mentioned of fully handling the power off when a device is powered on by something else than NEEO is not happening short term though for IR devices. This would cause a hole lot of other issues. For IP devices like Sonos though we track the real status. You can even turn it on on the speaker itself and it will pop up as an active device on NEEO. Hope this helps. Looking forward hearing your feedack once you messed with the coming release. Gracias

      • Arunas M
      • Arunas_M
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Raphael just want to ask is the new firmware release still happening this year? Thanks

      • Dillon Moulder
      • Product Owner
      • Dillon_Moulder
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Arunas M I expect you’ll know within the next 48 hours, as it’s never a good idea to release a major update on the last working day of the week; this is just in case an unknown critical bug emerges, where company staff would not be in a position to respond accordingly. Your best bet is to look out for a blog post on the subject.

    • Raphael 

      Why Don't Recipes Just Run As Written?

      Why is the Brain Making (wrong) Guesses About the Power State?

      I Just Want to Turn On or Off as I've programmed it...

      Anyone ever figure out a solution here?  It's beyond me why the actual recipe you program isn't actually followed b/c someone tried being too smart and only screwed up something really really simple up.  Just run the frigg'n recipe AS IS. Period.

      Wife turns TV off via Alexa voice command, next day I run watch TV.  Everything else turns on, but I can clearly see that the TV Power On command is not being sent b/c I have a visible IR repeater.  I have to run a separate toggle TV recipe or power off (which it already is!), then back on, JUST so the brain doesn't out think itself.

      Who cares if the Power On (or Off as original poster had issues with) is sent "again"  The very same recipe is sent if you just jump through the formal NEEO off procedure, so any "it's complicated" programmer response is nonsense (other than, yeah we made it too complicated, for real world operations).    

      Turn off via NEEO, and On recipe works perfectly, too bad that's not how real life works.  So many other connected devices control power states these days via WiFi, smart hubs, HDMI CEC, etc. 

      Its like NEEO thought they'd be the one and ONLY remote, with all physical buttons super glued and taped over to boot.

      I have very modern equipment, no stupid devices (what a headache that was...), I even plugged in a new high spec HDMI cable directly to the TV (Sony) from the brain, in the hope any of these smarteners would do something. - Nope

      This single programming failure continues to make my NEEO very annoying to use and lack buy in from family.

  • Raphael  Thanks for the answer, but i do not understand why a Power Off command can not be sent every time for "non stupid" devices. I cant see any issue here, when a devicice is already off it just doesnt do anything.


    What I actually want is to have a "Power off everything" recipe which powers off all my devices, independant of wheter they have been switched on by NEEO or by any other source. 

    When I leave my house such a recipe would be very useful. 

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  • Anyone else figured out a workaround to pwer off all the devices in a house with a custom recipe as NEEO does not to be able to do this (as per Raphaels comment).

    I often stream Spotify to my AVR via Spotify Connect (which of course powers on the AVR device) but then the only way to turn the AVR off again is using the original Onkyo Remote. 


    I thought that the aim of a universal remote should be that we do not have to use multiple different remotes again.....

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      • Beni
      • Beni
      • 5 yrs ago
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      by the way, I do not have enabled the CEC feature on my AVR (and will not activate it) so the "smartener" will also not help me.

      If I enable CEC i have lots of issues between my Sony TV and my Onyo AVR

    • Exactly my case as well, I also use Spotify Connect frequently. Sometimes (but it doesn't work every time) I can turn the receiver off by first triggering a recipe which "powers on" the receiver (for example "watch movies"), and then running my "turn everything off"-recipe. But that also turns my tv on and off...

      So yeah, I also still need to have the other remotes available, which is sad cause I really want to like (and use) the neeo. It's especially hard to convince the wife to use it when everything isn't working as expected.

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