Apple tv swipe gesture

Hey guys,

just got My Neeo a few days ago. Got the basics setup and loving it so far.

i am running into an issue with the appletv though. I cant seem to find a command to swipe/scrubbing the Apple tv ui.


is there a way to do so? Bacause now i have to fall back to the Apple tv remote. Thats a shame imho.


let me know, thanks!

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  • You can't use NEEO's screen to control the UI, but you can use the navigation buttons to control the Apple TV. It's not as efficient as the trackpad remote, but does the same thing. 

  • Actually it doesnt, there are some controlls that can only be Done with scrubbing. And i cant do it now.

    • Mark Keulen Pretty sure that isn't true. What are those controls? 
      I've been controlling my Apple TV over infrared for a few years now. 

  • Hi guys. I have the same problem as Mark. I can use the „the ring“ of NEEO to scroll through the apps, but ff and reward doesnt work, even with the symbol on the NEEO screen it doesnt work.

  • Hello everyone. I've got the basic setup and I've been using it for a couple months and I love it. It works like a charm. But I have the same problem described by Andy and Mark. I would really appreciate if Apple TV swipe gesture would work. For now I still have two remotes and not one, because by omitting the Apple TV remote one looses to much comfort....

  •  Hi from France to the community. As many users of Apple TV with Neeo Remote, I face the same problem : no possibility to swipe (up and down would be enough in my case). I use Molotov app to watch Tv in France. The only way to change channel (except getting back to the menu...) consists in swipping (down)  with the Apple remote. It enables to user to get access to the full range of channels. To tell the truth, this option is clearly necessary in my configuration. Without this feature, Neeo Remote turns to be uninteresting for me. 

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  • Same goes for me. It is not possible to use Zattoo, Teleboy or Wilmaa on Apple TV with a Neeo Remote. Is there a solution for this problem?

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