One BRAIN, Two Rooms, NEEO Remote's Device "Banner" not changing

With my current set up (video and pictures to come once everything is fully functional!), I have two rooms set up, each with multiple devices.

Basement: Cable, PS3, PS4, AVR, TV
Bar: Stereo, CD Changer

When I go into Basement mode in the NEEO remote, and switch between the main recipes (PS3, PS4, Cable), the banner at the top of the NEEO remote (which indicates which recipe you are using) changes perfectly (see picture 1).

But when I am in Bar mode in the NEEO remote, and switch between my Custom Recipes...

 (see this thread for more what recipes I am using in the Bar

....the banner at the top never changes!

More confusingly, when I actively switch between Cable Mode in the Basement and then CD Player mode in the Bar, the banner at the top still reads CABLE (see picture 2). 

I saw a few Planet.Neeo threads about the Banner already related, and was wondering if this is just a limitation of creating custom recipes.

It would be helpful if the NEEO Remote told me which Recipe I am currently using at the top of the remote.

Hopefully this makes sense....😨

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  • If I have understood everything correctly, yes that is a limit of the manual recipes we currently have. Since these do not have a "Launched" and a "Powered off" part we do currently not track the state.

    You can work around this currently in a not so beautiful way, but it is possible. Basically you'd have to add more devices, either one you have or ones you don't actually own. This will then give you more automated recipes which do have these two parts. You can then edit these according to your needs.

    • Patrick 
      OK! I will add a random device to my collection for the purpose of having the banner appear. That solves my needs for now!

      Thank you Patrick!

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