Would you recommend to buy a Neeo?

Hi there,

I've been following Neeo since the day it was announced on Kickstarter, so a long time ago. And I know it took forever to get where we are now.

Given that the devices can finally be ordered, I am wondering if I should buy one. What's the general consensus here? Is it worth it? Is development of new features quick and frequent? I have a few doubts, given that everything so far has taken so long. I don't want to end up spending a few hundred bucks on a device that won't evolve. 

Any thoughts?


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  • cryptochrome hey there.

    I'll answer your questions in terms of my experience.

    1. Is it worth it? It depends on what you want to use it for. The software right now, with a pending update incoming, feels very much like a beta. There is still talk of an official release by a few people so I think that it's even acknowledged to be pre-final version release level. I have basic AV gear I would like to control and it's still not 100% there for me with things like my soundbar having to be controlled totally separately due to the current way NEEO implements so called "stupid devices" (fix on this incoming). My family find it difficult to use and hope that the updates coming through will improve this. There are lots of posts on here about what NEEO does and doesn't work with currently so I do recommend you check what you want to use it for and go from there.

    2. Is development of new features quick and frequent? No. I have had it for nearly 3 months with no firmware/software update. I know there is one coming but that is the reality. I believe Patrick says they hope to move towards a more regular update interval cycle moving forward but that is yet to be tested. In essence, you can take the plunge and what will happen, will happen! If an AV device of yours is not working the team will add it quickly providing it's a relatively straightforward device (e.g. not something like SONOS, or NEST, more a TV, set top box etc)

    3. Will it evolve? (you kind of didn't ask this specifically but mentioned it as a concern). It has the potential to evolve for sure. It's just a case of how long it will take. I have been impressed in the last week, for example, that a couple of people were able to put together a working driver, using the NEEO SDK, for a specific device I have called DreamScreen. That suggests that it has the potential to control a lot of things. However, this does require a decent knowledge of coding and software which I'm happy to admit was beyond me! If you are into development and coding I think you could have some fun with the SDK. Ask the likes of Niels de Klerk Markus Mahr and Tim Roberts as they really know their stuff and have developed some interesting things so far. 

    If you are looking for a remote to control everything you have out of the box easily then NEEO isn't there yet. It has potential but then it has had potential for a long time already. If you're patient and happy to be a kind of beta tester then go for it!

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    • James Long thanks for the kudos, but I'm way not good enough at coding to do all what I like, but I can get forward with some things and Google 🤣🤪

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  • The hardware is gorgeous. But I think that the “main” feature (the ability to create your own commands via infrared, to control the remotes you have) it’s not available yet. So my answer will be: NO. 

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    • Hugo Martínez 

      all the people that has seen the neeo in my house, there is no-one going to buy the neeo.

      They are all pronto users and they want to create there own screens and learn the codes  they need.

  • cryptochrome welcome to planet.neeo.

    As it is normal for people only search for answers when they have trouble and issues, you mainly find these topics in here.

    Don't know if you allready read here or not at other topics. Maybe you allready do.

    There is actually a long delay for the current release, that is mostly due to a big change at the software (power handling stupid devices) was announced from neeo. That is also why no update was made since the European launch of the product. 

    Maybe you read posts from me on other topics related to your question, I really love the hardware and the Team behind the product, the software is maintained and neeo plans to release new softwares at a monthly basis, that's what they tell you if you ask.

    If you have any questions to the product or any devices you would like to check, you can mention me, if you like (just type an @ followed by my name) and I will get an info about your questions and normally answere all replys. 

    As far as I can say, the device is really nice, a bit of software and issues needs to be squeezed by the team, but they give their best to do so. You need to keep in mind, that there is only a small team behind it and not apple, amazon Or Logitech. Neeo consists mainly of 30-50 people with some dedicated to development, some to testing and some to public communication and other parts.

    At the last state it is for sure your decision if you buy or not, my current feeling is it goes in the right direction.

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  • Thank you guys, I appreciate the honest feedback. I am basically looking for something that I can replace my Logitech Harmony with, which I hate with a passion - Unfortunately there is nothing else out there that does it better. So I was hoping Neeo could be the one. 

    I will keep watching the project for now and maybe invest in it at a later stage when it has matured. 

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    • cryptochrome Ask the same question when the -BIG- firmware has landed. (I'm in closed beta) I'm sure you will get a better answer. I'm so happy that I moved from Logitech to NEEO.

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  • I’m not in closed beta but am a patient person by nature. I love the hardware and user interface. As others have stated it is limited vs other remotes at the moment. That said, I would recommend it if you are patient. NEEO has a roadmap with a ton of promising features. I believe they’ll get there and the software will meet their hardware in the promise land. Besides, im hopeful their biggest hurdles are behind them and software versions will progress much faster now. Im happy. But it depends on your devices, preferences and patience.

  • Well i to think its a matter of preferences. Neeo is by far the nicest, coolest piece of hardware. The support from developers aswell.

    But its somewhat limitet in flexibility. You cant map hardbuttons to personale preferences.

    for my setup with lg oled, Sonos and hue around the entire House it does the job perfect for my needs.

    the only thing i miss is ability to control my hue in groups.

    i dont need ability to change colours, its not possible for now.

    the Sonos integration after the big update Yesterday is the best for any remote.

    neeo is the only remote to full support playstation.

    neeo has so much potential and a developer team, you actually believe wants to mane an extraordinary piece of hardware. 

    For now my concern will be the support for the tv box by Canal digital in Denmark, since i cant map buttons to my preferences im concerned that the box is not supported.

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  • Michael Sørensen said:
    the only thing i miss is ability to control my hue in groups.

     If you add a Hue Light. The bottom of the list have the group names. It’s not evident right now as there is not an icon showing the difference. Hope this helps.

    • Niels de Klerk will i have to add them again for that?

    • Michael Sørensen To add a HUE group to the room light recipe just:

      1. go to settings.
      2. Add a device.
      3. search for HUE.
      4. select Philips HUE
      5. You'll get the screen prompted to press the top of the bridge (I believe you can just press next if already done before)
      6. in the list with all the HUE's just scroll to the bottom. there you will find all the HUE groups.
      7. Done.

      The group will be added the same way a single light would be added. so a On/Off switch and a brightness slider.

      • Reto Zürrer
      • CTO / IT Consultant (Swiss Company)
      • Reto_Zuerrer
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Niels de Klerk I have the strange situation, that I see a few hue devices twice in the list. I had to "try and error" through the devices to find the right ones. Has something to do with the Hue API.

    • Reto Zürrer That could very well be indeed. I have some rooms with only one bulb and named both the light and group the same way. this confused me a couple of times myself.

      Besides possible naming conflicts the group system of HUE can be made unique per App and thus make a possible mess in the background while the official app only shows the groups you have build with that specific app. At some point the groups on my hue bridge got so messy that I whipped everything and started over. this itself is a huge API limitation in my opinion.

      one tip that could help is temporary rename the group in the App to something that stands out.

      • Reto Zürrer
      • CTO / IT Consultant (Swiss Company)
      • Reto_Zuerrer
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Niels de Klerk Yes thats a good tip! I also renamed one lamp in a room to recognize it correctly with NEEO.


      Patrick Maybe you can integrate a new feature in the "Integrate Philips Hue" screen where you can "test" the lamp before it will be integrated. With the test you can let the hue lamp "blink" to recognize the correct one.

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    • Reto Zürrer That's the case with me as well for some reason. If it wasnt for all the customized presets and widgets I have created in Hue Pro I would have reset my Hue to find out  where the prob is.

      Patrick I really embrace the idea of a having the option to select Hue "items" to simply hide them (very much as you hide some devices in favor of recipes). Also and in general, groups should have priority over lights and I feel access to individual lights should be by selecting the group. Groups still would have an on/off and slider and if you tap on them they would open a screen with the lights. Just think of both scenes and groups being recipes (with the addition of a slider) and the lights the devices included it.  

    • Reto Zürrer That's a great suggestion. 

    • Niels de Klerk wow. I wasnt aware of that. Thats awesome. Thanks

  • I have used Harmony remotes for over 10 years and it took a while after I got NEEO remote to work like I wanted.

    Does my NEEO do the all tricks like my Harmony? - No, not yet. But it has so much premium look and feel hardware and current features are enough for me to control my setup so I’m excited to use NEEO while waiting new features to come.

    Sure there are lots of things to do and features to release before every Harmony hardcore users can do the same tricks like they are used to.

    One of my friends has been using NEEO about little over month now and he and his wife has been very satisfied to NEEO. Earlier they had 3-4 different remotes + ps4 controller always laying on their living room table but now they can control everything with NEEO remote.

    So it depends, most users will be happy with current features but for hardcore users there is lots to be done. Things are evolving towards the almighty remote :-)

    And of course majority of happy users will never join to Planet NEEO. Usually people who has encountered some technical issue will register and ask for help or complain lack of features which are promised while Kickstarter campaign.

    Couple unsatisfied customers will have more visibility than thousand happy customers but here in NEEO community both NEEO employees and other active users are trying to solve problems and help each other. <3

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  • Thanks guys. Needless to say, the new update looks promising. Quick question: Is the Neeo able to control Android TV devices, specifically the nVidia SHIELD TV?

    • cryptochrome not yet, the new firmware brings preliminary support for Amazon FireTV over HDMI CEC though.

      And, since AFTV is also Android based it might well be that this is a good move and support for other boxes are pending.

      Still, this currently means, your Brain must be physically located so it can be connected to your TV/AVR via cable.

      However, it was just stated that they hired new stuff to push integration of native Bluetooth control.

      Which leads back to your original question: IMHO it really depends on the actual park of devices you have. Some users have good experiences right out of the box, some (mostly those also in the beta program) have coding skills to help themselves using the SDK, while others may struggle more or less.

      Is it a recommendable universal remote (and beyond) ready for each and every average Joe and ready to replace your Harmony instantly and completely (especially when you are referring to the nVidia shield)?

      Possibly not just yet.

      Is it a recommendable geek toy (especially if you do own a Harmony as fallback and if you have the money and time)?

      Yes, absolutely.

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    • Klaus Grosser is there a list or database somewhere to check what devices are actually supported? Thanks!

    • cryptochrome no, it's scattered here over various update notes.

      AFAIK control over CEC is currently available for Sony PS4 (slim) and AFTV only.

      However, since the team apparently sunk lots of work into this (read the release notes) I would expect more devices to be supported soon.

      Also, HDMI CEC is furthermore used to "smartify" devices - analysing the CEC messagens NEEO can evaluate the status of devices that do  not have dedicated commands for power on/off.

    • cryptochrome yes, the NEEO can controll Android devices including the shield via either a iR USB dongle or by making use of your TV’s HDMI-CEC connection (make a recipe and change the show controls to TV)

      the IR dongle approach costs a bit of money and will perform a little bit  better than using CEC of your TV.

      future options to support the shield could be by using CEC directly, BT and or IP. Given that it’s a popular device I suspect that it’s somewhere in the backlog.

    • cryptochrome No.  I would not recommend the Neeo in the hope of future support.  There are improvised methods to control the Shield (rather poorly), but at that stage, your smart phone, as awkward as it is, is a better remote than the Neeo.  I'd suggest holding off until/unless the Neeo officially supports, and with good response, all your devices.  I've been waiting months on Bluetooth Shield support, after waiting years for the actual Neeo product.

    • Joshua Marshall There are two solution that work perfectly. I just helped you with that in another thread. In usage there is no difference in using IR or Bluetooth. Could you explain why you not just give it a try and if it doesn’t work ask for help?

      Using IR to TV and then TV CEC to the shield gives a little bit of added delay (obviously). I am using this approach quite often and just works ok. But for around 10$ you have a IR dongle. I don’t believe 10$ is worth the frustration.

    • Niels de Klerk IR requires line of site.    My kids may move the IR blaster inadvertently. It's an entirely inferior solution.  The CEC delay is unacceptable. 

      There's no frustration, other than the missing funds in my account I spent on this box collecting dust.  I only blame myself, as Neeo was an aspirational product.  At this stage, even if it did support Bluetooth, the ergonomics and UI are dated.  I don't use spotify (all in on Google Home and Music) and the Neeo is lacking there as well.

  • I don’t even have my hdmi hooked up to the NEEO brain yet and have been using HDMI-CEC to control my Nvidia Shield. It’s not perfect, but I use the tv’s shortcut buttons for the up, down, left, right, select buttons work. I also added a shortcut for back on the screen. I ordered another hdmi cable as well to see if it improves at all with the latest update. It sounds like I’ll simply be able to plug the NEEO brain into and open port on the tv. Can someone confirm that? I’ve read hdmi can create a network across HDMI-CEC similar to Ethernet.

    • Chad L. Confirm.

      As long as you not have more then 15 devices that are HDMI-CEC Capable in your Setup you can put the Brain on every HDMI-CEC enabled device. All defices which support HDMI Speck 1.3 (and above) are capable of Routing CEC Informations throughout the "Network"

      • Chad L.
      • Chad_L
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr thank you Sir! HDMI cables came today. I’m especially excited to see the Fire TV functionality.

  • No, I would wait.  There's too many unsupported devices (2017 shield for example).

    Also the remote needs a v2.0. Battery drains way to fast.  Also, why they decided to not have pause, play, stop, fast forward, and skip hardware buttons on the remote are beyond me.

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  • Tyler said:
    the remote needs a v2.0.

     re firmware: I'd be content with  v1.0 ;) *bites tongue*

    re hardware buttons: honestly, these are the ones I never touchon my Harmony even if present. I absolutely prefer the clean layout of NEEO.

    • Klaus Grosser I know everyone has their own preference on this but the major benefit of a (limited) set of buttons is that it means you can do a lot of standard operations by touch without looking at the remote screen. In fact some operations need you to be looking at the TV rather than at the remote and that's not as easy on a screen touch based remote.

    • Barry Wetherilt understood, and I am absolutely not wanting to start a war over this ;) Just wanted to say there are other things I'd like to see before a respin of the actual remote.

      Also, personally (and again, that's me) I wouldn't go rush out to swap my NEEO for a hw button cluttered version. As you say - controlling a visual setup you'll mostly looking at the screen - which is where I found the "virtual" transport controls  perfet to navigate via the directional pad - even more reliable than e.g. the transport buttons on my Harmony when accessing the AFTV.

  • I used a Logitech Harmony for many years. The NEEO remote has replaced the Harmony from day one,  but I have a relatively simple setup: TV, AVR, Dish box and HTPC. The NEEO for me has been as functional and better looking than the Logitech. Is NEEO perfect? Of course... No!

    There are many things I wish they were already implemented: customizable hard button, fine grained customizable screen, Nest support among others but I am sure NEEO will get there.

    Considering how young NEEO is and how many years Logitech had to make things right in term of hardware and software I am actually pleased on the progress NEEO has made so far, particularly considering  the limited resources they have available.

    The NEEO team certainly appears more dedicated and committed than Logitech has ever been, at least for me. Try to ask Logitech to modify how they handle a device and see what kind of response you get...

    Investing on a NEEO is like supporting a project for the long haul. The more this project is successful, the more sales it will generate and this in turn will increase the resources they will able to dedicate on improving the remote for all of us. I may be wrong but my personal feeling is this project will only get better particularly because the developer seem to listen to their customer. I have seen them on this forum trying their best to listen and help with any reasonable requests.

    I realize this is not for everyone, but if you like to tinker and if you are patient, I believe it is a worthwhile investment.

    NEEO IMO is already as functional, but its going to be better than Logitech will ever be. 

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