HUMAX HDR-1000S device not working, IR codes are missing or incorrect

Jeff Raphael

Hi, this device is in the database but does not work. I have tried using a similar device from the database, HDR-1010S which shares some commands but not all of them.

It would be great to get the HDR-1000S working correctly please.

If anyone has any suggestions for a macro to get around the 'dumb' status for power on/off, that would be awesome too.

Thank you.

Adam :)

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  • Adam Parrish have you tried the HDR-1100S driver? I have the Humax HDR-1100S and it works great for me and may also work with HDR-1000S!?

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  • William Joyce

    Hi William, I'll give it a go. As I mentioned whilst I found one that sort of works, it seems to be missing some useful links/shortcuts, like for Recordings etc.

    • Adam Parrish I have a shortcut set up that jumps straight to the recordings page, otherwise long press on menu button brings up the menu where recordings can be selected (short press menu opens channel listings)

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  • William Joyce Thanks, you are right this works pretty well and someone has created a macro too so no dumb device. I really appreciate your help, thanks!

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    • Adam Parrish yes Andy  created a macro for power on/off after a previous post I’d made... device can be powered on using ‘1’ on remote so for power off it presses 1 then waits 15s (I think) then does power toggle command to power off!

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  • Btw I am guessing the answer is 'not yet' but I just want to make sure... is it possible to rename Shortcuts and change their icons at all? I am just trying to make things family friendly.


      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Adam Parrish William Joyce

      This was just fixed! The new data appears around 7PM CET. Please update your device according to this guide. Thanks!

  • Hello Adam Parrish I have sent your request for the HDR-1000S device, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Glad to hear that the HDR-1100S driver works out for you meanwhile.😉 Thank you William Joyce  for your help.

    Concerning the request to rename Shortcuts and change their icons, these features are not yet available, you can find an Idea Voting link for renaming a Shortcut here. And an Idea Voting link for changing Widget and Shortcuts Layout here. 


  • Great, thank you :)

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