Actually Shape the NEEO Future

So, you probably all realize that there is no way, they will be making the NEEO software open source. I only got my NEEO Remote a week ago, and as far as I can see, it does not look like the developers have ever done much for their backers - let alone actually deliver a working product.

So, it is inevitable that the future of our products, are our own responsibility.

Therefore, I think it is time we crack this thing open and figure out how to get rid of everything that makes it NEEO. Personally, I think we should look for a way to start community developing custom software for it right away. I have actually been thinking about replacing the board in the remote with a Raspberry Pi Zero, and start developing something extremely lightweight on it, to control my entire house via MQTT to Home Assistant.

Anyone else have some ideas for how we are going to actually shape the NEEO future?

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  • I still think it would only be fair to open-source the software and let a little community evolve.

    I am absolutely sure, there's more than one person inside NEEO who's just as devastated about that decision and eager to continue the project in some way.

    Although I could imagine Control4 prohibits that, since their main goal seems to have been to kill a competing product.

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