So I'm having a Apple TV 4k, a Denon-receiver and a couple of other devices. I'm controlling the Denon via my NEEO, toggling between my TV-box, Apple TV, my PC and Sonos, etc. It works perfectly at the moment, except one thing: 4k

So my receiver doesn't support 4k, but my TV and my AppleTV does. So instead of buying a new receiver which would support 4k, I'm thinking I could solve this with a simple HDMI-splitter, right? So I'm thinking something like this illustrated in this sketchy illustration :)

The key factors here are

1. I need to split the Apple TV-signal, one signal for sound (to my receiver) and one for the 4k-video stream.

2. I need to control when I want to use 4k video-stream (and not using the receiver to anything else than only sound), and when to use the receiver as the primary output for the video signal.

Is this solvable in a more simple solution? And of course, where the HDMI-splitter (or whatever it's called) is supported by NEEO!

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