Triggering a button of the remote via API

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to call the push of one button of the remote directly.

The thing is you can't know which button (of which device) call even when you know which recipe is on to trigger a specific action.

My example : I'd like to implement a "mute button", which would mute whatever device is on, id est calling the mute button on the remote.

Don't know if you understand the "problem". Feel free to ask details. Thanks.

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  • Hi Morgan Fromentin , this is quite easy to do. Please look at API starters guide that I have written.

  • Thing is, I do not want here to trigger a specific button of a specific device, I know how to do that. What I'd like to achieve is trigger the MUTE TOGGLE button of the remote, regardless of which device controls are currently active (which is something I can't know with what you wrote in the API starter guide, right ?)

    • Morgan Fromentin you can send them to both your TV and receiver. Otherwise you check What the active recipies are and send commands based on that. Needs a bit of coding but its possible. When My voice enabled HA device is listening to speach I let it murw everything at home so its possible.

    • Niels de Klerk Even with checking the active recipes, I would have to study all the actions to know if there is a "use XXX controls" involved. Seems lot of a pain just for that "simple" action.

      Luckily, at home, all my devices are plugged to my receiver. I think I will send the command to the receiver volume up/down/mute buttons directly, for now.

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