About as worthless as a brick

Just gotten the remote and after a few hours of use and the initial startup bugs, I must say that this is the most worthless electronic product that I have ever bought. The remote is slow and keep crashing. You tend to use the app instead due to better efficiency. 

The hardware looks and feels good but the software is flawed and should have stayed in beta. The dev team should focus on making a stable version for everyone before adding new features. 

It will end up in the drawer until the software improves  

I have had the Logitech harmony for many years now and it just works.

I had really looked forward getting this but I must say that I will never recommend it to anyone I know  

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    • Jeff
    • Head of Customer Experience
    • Jeff
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hello  Patrick Tronier-Knowlton Thank you for reaching out to us and sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your NEEO Remote. Can you DM the email address that was used to set up the NEEO Remote? There is something definitely wrong with your NEEO Remote if it's slow and keeps crashing.

    Can you confirm that you are able to use the NEEO app successfully with your devices or have you not been able to add any yet?