Is it possible to copy settings?



I've received my second Need and Brain today, I'd like to replicate the settings and devices I have on my first one, is that possible? I know the Brain backs up to the cloud?



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  • I was wondering the same, I just purchased a second NEEO too, I couldn't find anything so I set it all up again. Wasn't a huge deal, but one day a copy feature would be handy.

  • Paul McEwan Jonathan Clarke

    The Backup to the Cloud is not yet syncable through different devices. This will maybe come with the multiple Brain feature announced with the NEEO Pro.

    Also it is not yet possible to "SAVE" stow a config as basline in the NEEO cloud. Each time you change something a new Backup is created (last 10 are stored, as far as i remember). So officially it is not possible to sync two brains yet. But you will be able to do, when using multiple brain Setup.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, I've manually duplicated it now.