Issue with Hue light sliders

I don’t know whether this is Hue specific or an issue with all lights, but this is what happens with Hue.

In a recipe, I dim the Hue lights to 50%. When executing the recipe, this works perfectly.

However, when executing the Lights recipe, the Hue sliders are at a 100% and the behavior of the sliders is not as expected.

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  • Hi,  Paul Spee. Thanks for reporting this. We've just tested this, and at the moment this is not reproducible. Do you have this experience with the app and the remote? Could you send me a screenshot of the recipe steps of both light recipes? Are there any other devices involved in these recipes? Thanks. 

  • Paul Spee Please note that I'll mark this thread as solved as you are already in contact with Joel. Thanks. 

    • Ingrid 

      I am not sure why you mark this as SOLVED. NEEO asked me for more information which I am able to provide after I am back from my business trip. Should a ticket be marked SOLVED when NEEO contacts the customer or when the customer indicates the issue has been SOLVED?

    • Paul Spee Hi Paul, as I saw there is the same post in another section I marked this as solved. You are right, it's not solved. Therefore, I'll change the status to Close as this is a double post. I hope that's okay with you?

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