Brains turning a TV in another room?!?!?

I recently purchased a new Samsung TV after a lightning strike. I have two brains in two different rooms that are not connected (Not intentionally anyway).  Both rooms have Samsung TVs.  When I run a recipe to turn on the Family Room TV, the Guest room brain turns on the Guest room TV.  Both TVs are turning on. It works in reverse also.  

Before I start experimenting and messing up my recipes, does anyone know an easy fix?  Did the new software link my brains?  How do I uncouple them?  Both TVs are Samsung’s  


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  • Nevermind. It was a wireless IR transmitter.  I have two sets and they were on the same channel.  It didn’t matter when I had a Sony TV because it ignored the signal. When I purchased a second Samsung it was transmitting the correct code. I changed the channel and all is well. 

  • how did you fix this? I have same issue except I have brain in living room ir extender in bedroom, recipe for living room turns on bedroom tv and vice versa.

    what do you mean changed the channel?

    • Anything maybe  Markus M

    • Kevin Ward if you use same manufacturer this happens. You can't change it. Ir transmitter and Brain always sending the same signals!

    • Markus M that's the irony different tv's ones an LG and other is a Vizio. So basically no way around this , that sucks lol. are there any other options i could maybe explore?

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