Remote screen dead, only backlight

I've seen any number of posts about defective remotes, and now my own seems to suffer as well. The screen of the remote is black/blank, with just the backlight on. I've tried resetting, getting back to FTUE, nothing changes and I have no way of knowing if anything works because the screen is blank... The remote's been on the charger and off - nothing changes. The only glimmer of life I've seen in the couple of days was when I put the remote on the charger today, but there was only a completely garbled and flickering green screen - possibly a charging screen? It was gone after a second or so - too quick to make a picture...

Any suggestions on what to do, or just email Neeo for a replacement?

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  • Hi,  A. van Kesteren. Thanks for reporting this. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you haven't already done these steps, please try to force a shutdown of the NEEO remote to make sure that it's turned off. Press and hold the power button on the NEEO Remote for 15 seconds. Then wait a few seconds. When the remote is definitely shut down, you can try to perform a recovery once more. 

    1. Press the power & mute button simultaneously for a few seconds
    2. You should see the option for recovery, follow the on-screen steps

    If this does not work, please send an e-mail to

    Please add a link to this post, a short video of this behavior, your shipping details and your NEEO hostname- which can be found in the About section in your NEEO app settings. Thanks. 

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    • Ingrid This does not work, unfortunately - all that happens is that the backlight shuts down and then lights up again. The screen remains blank.

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  • A. van Kesteren Thanks for your video! Have you already sent an e-mail to

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    • Ingrid I have, had a reply from Jose that a replacement is being sent my way.

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