HowTo use the Cranium Driver and What is it?

The Cranium driver is a NEEO internal driver that allows triggering some certain actions within the NEEO brain. 


What is the Cranium driver capable of?

  • Turning off LED of Brain
  • Rebooting Brain
  • Using Brain On Boot Sensor. The boot of the brain triggers a sensor status and can execute an action within a recipe.

How to add the Cranium driver?

Simply search and add it in "Devices". 
->NEEO App -> Settings Menu -> Devices -> Type: Cranium


How to use the Cranium driver?

There are different ways of handling. You can simply create a separate recipe for this as Paul Spee explained it over here.

Or you can also add commands such as turning off LED either as a command on the shortcut screen or by adding this step to a recipe. 

For the sensor status functionality - simply create a Sensor Value changes recipe:

Create new recipe => Sensor value changes => NEEO Cranium - On Boot Sensor => Turns On => Choose a step. E.g. Turn off LED. 

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