Can you add the remote code for Samsung UN55NU6900? 

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  • Hi, Mark Bussell. Thank you very much for your request. I have forwarded this to the team. They will come back to you shortly. 

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  • Mark Bussell

    Many thanks for your request!

    We have just added your device. It will appear around 6PM CET. Please let me know if something doesn't work.

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  • Please. I need the same codes

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    • vincent j verdolini 

      Many thanks for your request!

      Which exact device do you own? The model mentioned above was already added to our database. You should be able to add it. Let me know! Thanks!

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    • Andy the samsung UN50NU6900B

      other places on the box add a 'XZA' at the end of that number. The remote has a button labeled 'source' that lets me pick the input I want to watch. So far I have not found that model listed when I look for it at NEEO or the button anywhere samsung

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    • vincent j verdolini 

      These are the same devices, the letters at the end don't matter. Just search for "Samsung UN55NU6900". 

      Also, the source button is included, we call it INPUT SCROLL. But you'll never have to use this button anyway. Your TV supports discrete input commands. Simply add all devices you own and want to control to NEEO. Tell NEEO how they are wired together, and all is already fine. If you e.g. have a Blu-ray player connected to the TV, you can simply click on the Blu-ray icon and the TV and the player turns on. Also, the input on the TV will be automatically switched to the input that you have defined during setup. So, no need for Source/INPUT SCROLL.
      Additionally, after starting the recipe, you'll only see the most used buttons, widgets and screens. For a Blu-ray player you'll e.g. have a screen with the transport buttons, the hard buttons are mapped to the player, too. While for the TV, you'll have e.g. the channel favorite screen and the channel buttons are mapped to the TV. A command like INPUT SCROLL would not be there, as you will never need it. But still, you can add any command and widget from any device added to NEEO, to any shortcut screen of any recipe - also INPUT SCROLL.

      Hope this helps!

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    • Andy Thanks for the help so far BUT....when the system is on and I want to shift input to the TV from HDMI-1 to HDMI-2, I need to shift the input on the TV and that option does not exist unless I build a shortcut in my go to menu (cable/sat). As that option is called 'source' on my samsung remote, it would sort of be nice if my TV NEEO option for that button was labeled the same as the remote. In the same manner, your 'input scroll' only brings to the right screen on the tv. navigating on that screen requires adding curser up/down/right/left AND enter shortcuts also d, a giant pain in the butt. 

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    • vincent j verdolini 

      For devices that don't support discrete inputs, we actually offer the cursor buttons in combination with INPUT SCROLL. But this is not necessary in your case anyway. Your TV supports discrete commands. Still, you can add the INPUT SCROLL and the CURSOR widget from the TV to any shortcut screen. Also, the cursor hard buttons are already mapped to the TV hard buttons when you are inside the TV recipe. Even if it's not necessary and not the way NEEO is meant to be used, you can already do what you want.

      But- Forget all about "Source" or "INPUT SCROLL". You'll never need that. Your TV is smarter then that :-) Also, forget about how a device used to be controlled. It's never about "I want to control this or that device". If the setup was done correctly, it's simply about, I want to watch a Blu-ray, want to listen music, watching TV. Don't expect just a clone of the original remote. NEEO does more or less mix the remotes, reduce them and present you with all you need inside one recipe (Of course you can add all you want to the shortcut screen anyway). Everything else does NEEO automatically. You don't have to turn on the device one by one or manually switch inputs. All is automatic - NEEO does all that for you.

      Regarding your example with HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 - There will of course be a reason for you for switching to HDMI 1 or 2. I'm guessing, that you have connected devices to these HDMI inputs. The idea with NEEO is NOT to start the TV and switching from there to an input via shortcut screen. The TV is recipe is there only if you want to watch TV and only if you use the TV as tuner and not some kind of set top box. For all other cases, you can leave the TV recipe untouched. 

      If you have added the devices that are connected to the HDMI inputs to NEEO, you'll have icons for them on the home screen. If they have a red exclamation mark, click on the icon and tell NEEO where you have connected them at the TV (in your case HDMI 1 and 2). From then on, you can simply click on the icons for these devices (not the TV icon). The TV and the chosen device will start automatically, the input will be switched automatically to HDMI 1 or 2. All you now need from the TV is "Volume" - which is already automatically mapped to the volume hard buttons. So, no need for starting the TV recipe.

      If you know want to switch to HDMI 2, simply go back to the home screen and click on the icon of the device that is connected to HDMI 2. NEEO will now automatically switch to HDMI 2 and present you with the controls for this device. If the TV was already powered on with the HDMI 1 device before, it will only switch inputs. 
      If you want to switch back to HDMI 1, no problem. Go to the home screen and click again on the first device, NEEO will switch to the correct input.

      Hope this helps! You can also let me know what exact setup/devices you have and I'll try to lead you step by step. 


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    • Andy I guess I am simply not all that bright. This is how my TV is used. I route my disc player, cable box and roku through my receiver and then via HDMI directly to the TV where it is plugged into HDMI-1. This is fine for 90% of what I do but my receiver is not 4K compatible. That means that my 4k aspirations are dead using the receiver BUT, the sound is infinitely better through the receiver than through the TV speakers. 

      To get 4K I have a Firestick 4K plugged into the TV slot HDMI-2. All I want to do is use the NEEO to shift sources on the TV AND also have the TV always shift to internal speakers when that input HDMI-2 is selected.

      So far I have not been able to make that happen...worse, all my fiddling with the system has screwed up the very basic on/off capability of the entire system. When I hit power off to shut down the system as I have always done in the past, it shuts down but then a minute or so later, turns itself back on...

      Yea Gods! This is supposed to make things easier.

      I wish NEEO had the ability to learn remote buttons like my old Ray universal remote did.

      I'll try to do what you recommend (if I can figure out exactly what you are trying to tell me) as soon as I get some time to experiment.

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    • vincent j verdolini  Forgot to note that, regardless of what the NEEO site says, my firestick 4K options do not work worth a tinkers damn. Unlike all my other components that do in fact work as you describe, the firestick does not, at least so far. That said, this is new Fire device and your data base pushes me into a fire tv solution which really does not work for me so far.

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    • vincent j verdolini 

      Thanks for the detailed info!

      To achieve what you want should be no problem. But first regarding the Firestick - Using the Fire TV driver works fine, even if it has a different name, it's the correct driver. That said, we have a couple of CEC issues with the current firmware release, which will be fixed within the next firmware release.
      Further, the stick is controlled via CEC. That means that you'll have to have CEC on your TV activated, the brain has to be connected via a CEC capable HDMI cable into the TV. 
      If you have done this already and it still doesn't work, try rebooting the brain. Also, you may want to try another cable for the brain/TV connection. Let me know if it still doesn't work. Within the following tutorial, I will assume that the Firestick works.

      Also, which button do you need to press on the original remote in order to switch the speaker output? If this command is missing, we'll add it ASAP. Let me know! I'll also assume within the tutorial that this button is present - whatever button it is.


      Here's how your complete setup should be added in order to work:

      - Add the TV. When asked, tell NEEO that you use a set top box!
      - Add the AVR.
      - Add the disc player.
      - Add the Cable box.
      - Add the Roku.
      - Add the Firestick

      Now, all devices where added. Navigate to the home screen.

      - Click on the "Disc Player" icon.
      - NEEO now asks how you have wired the device. When asked if you use the AVR, click on the correct image. Tell NEEO how the AVR is connected to the TV and how the disc player is connected to the AVR. Finish the wiring setup for the disc player.
      - Navigate back to the home screen and click on the "Cable box" icon.
      - Tell NEEO how you have connected the cable box. Also choose that you have wired it via AVR. Do the same for the Roku. I think all of this you already did correctly.


      Now all should work, besides Firestick. Next, click on the Firestick recipe icon. This time, tell NEEO that you have NOT wired it via AVR, instead, that it is wired directly to the TV (via HDMI 2 I guess). Finish the wiring setup. Now, all is fine, besides the switching of the speakers. For this, you need to tweak the recipe a little bit:

      - Navigate back to the home screen
      - Click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner
      - Click on "Recipes".
      - Click on the Firestick recipe. A menu appears.
      - Click on "Launched".
      - Click on "Add step".
      - Choose the TV and add the "Speaker" command (or whatever switches the sound)
      - Click on done.
      - Repeat the same steps, but instead of "Launched", choose "Powered off".
      - This time, add the command that switches the sound back to the AVR. 
      - Add another step, this time a delay of 1 second.
      - Now you'll need to put the new steps at the start of the recipe steps. Click on the "list" icon at the top of the list. Move the sound command that we have just added to the very beginning. Move the new delay to the 2nd position.

      Finally, we are done!

      Of course, the Firestick has to work and the "Speaker" button has to be present in our driver. Let me know about that.

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    • Andy I have ordered a couple of CEC compatable HDMI cables which I do not expect to see for a few days. Mean time...dumb question 1. I assume I need to connect the brain to the TV via a TV HDMI slot. Then what? Do I keep the thing connected? If so, how as I only have two HDMI slots on the thing and both are used.

      On the 'shift speakers question...I need to press the settings button on the remote and then on the screen that has popped up, navigate to 'sound' and then select 'TV speakers'. All told It takes me 3 or 4 steps to change the speaker selection. If there is some way to make 'TV speakers' a default for HDMI-2 without it also defaulting in HDMI 1 I cannot find it, though I am looking

      Finally, Thank you for your detailed and patient help.  You seem to understand that not everyone is a home video assembly expert.

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  • For the love of God, there is no 'cursor widget' on the TV list of shortcuts. I can create a recipe mimicking the fire stick as NEEO refuses to see the device on my network, but for it to work I need to tell the TV to shift to internal speakers. The buttons exist on the remote, just not in NEEO world.

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