Device Request: MyWall HP29L - electric TV swivel mount


I am looking to include my electric TV swivel mount in the recipes. It's called MyWall HP29l but seems to be distributed under a few other names as well (Ricoo electric swivel mount, Quipma EW60).

Some info may be found here:

Any chance to add the device?

Andy Patrick ?



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  • Joseph Schwartz

    Thanks for submitting your request!

    Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain IR codes for this manufacturer or model. We will do our best to contact them and see if we can get them, but it may take some additional time.  

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Joseph Schwartz

    I'm afraid I was not able to contact the manufacturer. This device is, as you already have mentioned, rebranded several times. We where not able to figure out the original manufacturer and non of the rebrand companies has a contact. Would it be possible for you to send us the remote?


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