Possibly Failed Brain? Only took a few hours..

So I unpacked and began configuring my NEEO remote on Sunday.  

The initial setup was relatively flawless.  At the end of the setup I was even able to use my xbox, and my tv with my Marantz AVR.  Again, all seemed good. 


Then about 10 minutes later the white light begins flashing.  It flashed for about 20 minutes then went dark.  At one point it seemed to restart and then flashed some, flashed red once, then flashed white again and then went dark. 


I pulled the power and try to cycle it.  Nothing would get the white light to go solid.  So then I tried to reboot my whole house network (EERO).  After that it went solid for about 10 minutes and then went dark.  I tried swapping the power supplies from the remote.  On the remote both power supplies seem to charge the device.   Nothing seems to power up the brain anymore.  It never even flashes white.  It is always dark, and yes it has power. 


I left 2 voicemails yesterday, opened a support ticket, so far no response.  My concern is that you can no longer buy this product on AMAZON.  Are you guys still around?  I have only owned it 3 days.  No big deal, but really frustrated.

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  • Tim D. it seems like the Brain was trying to get the newest firmware installed. This can when failed, a power interruption when firmware Flash is done is not the best idea, but there is a mode available to fix this. This sadly means that you need to redo the setup.

    To get access to the recovery mode at the Brain,connect it via LAN to your network and make sure internet is available, then push and hold down the top, then put in the power cord. after you start the app, you will be created with the recovery menu, do it step by step. Make sure to wait that every step is completely done before starting a new one. Especially downloading the firmware can take a few moments without progress Indication.


    I will also tag Jeff as head of customer care and Ingrid as support engineer.

    Jeff is located in the USA and Ingrid in Swiss so somebody will get in contact with you.

    If you would like to have my attention once more, just type @ followed by my name, this makes sure I receive an mail notification.


    Also I'm not related to neeo and my tips are only the sight of a neeo need not speaking for the company or from their tech site.

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  • Hi,   Tim D.! Thank you very much for reaching out to us. I'm very sorry to hear about this! I'll check quickly with our customer support if they are already working on your ticket. We will come back to you shortly. 

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