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i am facing some issues with remote controlling my hue lights. The brain seems to loose connection to the hue bridge about every 2 weeks. I need to connect every single light again to be able to controll it. Do you habe any solition for me ?

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  • Hi,  Markus Plinke. Thanks for reporting this. 
    Are you able to control any other devices with your NEEO remote when this happens? Are you still able to control your Hue lights with the NEEO app and also with the native HUE app? Which firmware are you running on your NEEO and also on your HUE? Did you also try to reboot your NEEO Brain (before you reconnect every single light)? 
    Is it possible to send us some more information about your network architecture? (Do you use a mesh network, network switch,...? Which router model are you using?) 

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  • Hello, here are my answers. Yes, I can control other devices in this case. I can only use the native Hue app on my iPhone. I have the latest firmware on both systems. Yes, tried to reboot. Did not help. so last time i recovered the last working version from the cloud. 


    I use a fritz box cable 7490 and a mesh wifi network by unifi.

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    • Markus Plinke Have you also tried to reboot your router? Can you also confirm that DHCP is enabled, you are using WPA/WPA2 encryption and your NEEO Brain is still connected to your 2.4 GHz network? 

      Did you set a static IP or dynamic IP? Can you please provide me with your NEEO hostname, which can be found in the About section. I'll forward this to the developers. Thanks.

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  • Yes, tried that too. Dynamic IP. I habe a controller based wifi network by unify

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