NEEO - Opinions?

Still as of yet have not received my NEEO. Coming on here and on Twitter I am see a lot of complaints/issues   Is anyone happy with theirs? Feels a bit deflating to wait this long for what seems like a prototype in many respects. I mean issues with Sonos integration...that was one of the main selling points back then so why isn’t this perfect?

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  • I don't have Sonos but overall I'm very happy with the NEEO. I have had a couple of issues but NEEO support has been very helpful and quick to resolve those issues.

  • I just received mine and I must say software wise there are still a lot of improvements to be made but you can't expect it to be flawless.. This is a new product and a new company and what they produced is nothing more than an  a ccomplishment. Keep in mind that they had to begin with nothing and in 2,5 years coming this far is amazing. The dedication of the team to improve the software is unusual! Maybe there are some issues but they work hard to resolve this, they just need our input to improve it.

    So we need to be patient and post our problems/issues and in time the product will improve significant! In dutch we say: Rome wasn't build in one day

    • Wessel Otter Humm in Dutch :) Does this mean that the first Neeo reached EU now or are you living in the States ?

    •  Wessel Otter so what you are saying we are the real beta testers and the beta tester group over the last 2.5 years were the alpha testers. I do not know about you, but I was under the impression the software was finished with hand recognition etc. when I funded this product and these (in part) basic issues discussed here should not be in the software by now considering the extended timeframe.
      Tell me one thing, how were they supposed to ship this product 2.5 years ago as they initially promised when there are still this many issues now?

      In summary I do agree with you, it is amazing, amazing how unfinished this product still is.

      For me by now (more than ever) it is clear what a hoax this product was from the beginning.

    • This may be true (except for the hoax part), but I still think we are ahead:

      -1 point for totally underestimating what it really takes to pull this off

      +1 point for keeping at it anyway with a can-do positive attitude

      +1 point for finally delivering something that (in my opinion at least) is worth the price.

      So we are ahead 1 point so far. NEEO will gain another point when they fully maximize the remote's potential.

  • winner of the NEEO contest.. so no EU didn't start shipping

  • I understand issues, due to the multitude of devices which will be used with the product but Sonos is a single product. The Sonos integration was one of the biggest things talked about. Starting to think I’d be better using Apple HomeKit, or Alexa to control my equipment, and using the included tv remote. It worries me that voice control wasn’t built in as that’s the way everything is going. 


    I’ll be running the following

    55 inch LG C7 OLED with SJ8 soundbar or Samsung 55 inch Q7F with MS550 soundbar 


    Sony BDPS1700 Blu Ray player 

    Sonos connect (attached to soundbar via optical)

    Lightwave RF gen 2 switches and sockets attached to standard dimmable leds 

    lifx z strip or hue light strip under th cabinet and a few bulbs of the same brand in the lamps in the rooms 

    NEST thermostat 


    Is NEEO truly worth it? In my eyes the only use is to turn the soundbar on and switch the input for Sonos, because most other things can be voice controlled eg dimming the lights. 


    Even sky Q is voice controlled, and tv remotes are majority gesture control. Part of me feels that stepping from those remotes to the neeo would feel like going back in time. 

    • Colin Crawford It can only be myself, but i don't want to shout all the time "Alexa (google, Siri, whatever) switch channel up" or else. If i watch TV or Netflix or else, i like that it is actually only the sound from the show i watch and not shouting in the room, that it should pause if a call comes in. Then i only press the Pause button and it is ok, way more comfortable in my opinion. Also sometimes the Sounds are coming from an movie doesn't even allow alexa to be heard the Activation, so Yes i think there is still a need for a Remote. And if you capable of diverent AV devices, a Smart / signle remote is always good to have!

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      • denim_chair
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      • WB
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      Markus Mahr I think everyone would agree that changing channels, pause, play, volume makes no sense to do this with Alexa.  However, here are examples of how I use mine, everyday.  

      1. Walking down the stairs this morning, hands full with full basket of clothes: Alexa, turn on ESPN...very cool there is ESPN and I’m catching up on sports

      2. Last night at 1130.  Alexa, goodnight.   Turns off lights, tv, closes garage, sets alarm to stay.  So Cool.

      3.  While cooking dinner, phone rings.  Kids have tv turned way up...Alexa, mute the tv.  Kids yell at me, but that’s ok, I can hear the caller.

      I could list more but point is neeo needs to be part of this ecosystem because even in my non-tech household we use it every day, and don’t buy electronics if we cannot link them in.   More and More there are native integrations directly to ip devices popping up.  The battle for home control for mass market is basically decided between google, amazon, my opinion.  

      • Patrick
      • Patrick
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      WB I do have a dot, and I can control a lot of things in my home, but I basically only use it to control lights since I do like doing that hands-free. 

      How is the interface in between your TV and Alexa done currently? is that fully supported by Alexa directly?

      BTW: Only basic, more to come.

  • My opinion, since you asked, is that despite a steep learning curve to program the device for my equipment (which really highlights the flexibility of the NEEO), my 5 old remotes are gathering dust as the NEEO delivers the functionality I wanted.  

    The tricky bit is that with some functions such as FF/Play/Pause/Reverse for my cable box, you no longer have a hard button to rest a finger on as one waits to press it.  Rather, you have to hover over the screen and learn to target the correct icon.  Some of the functions are controlled by the physical buttons beneath the remote's display screen.  Takes a bit of experimentation to sort that out, but no big deal to me. Offsetting this is the fact that you no longer have to aim the remote at any piece of equipment.   And, should a recipe not work, my first suggestion is to increase the "time delay" in the recipe, as my TV needed more time to switch between inputs, as an example.

    So, yes, we are certainly serving as a beta group, but  as the discussion threads show, the NEEO group seems to be very responsive as they address problems. 

     I suggest you go into the process of programming the system with the mindset that it will take couple of days of trail and error, and I certainly wouldn't rip out your old infrared remote system while setting up the  NEEO.

  • I feel like it is only a matter of time until anything you're waiting for is supported.  It's a very capable, well made device.  It seems the lingering issues for most people stem from the function of the OS (not turning off unused devices, etc) and the device database (Sonos, PS4, etc), which can all be resolved with future firmware updates and device database updates.  

    Personally I am disappointed that after such a long wait and premium price point I can't make this my sole remote yet, it lacks support for some major technologies it promised.  It lacks full PS4 support and the ps4 has become the centerpiece of my TV entertainment room.  I can't program Digital TV Tuner stations as favorites for my TV because the channels are formatted like 12.1 and the TV control does not offer a decimal point on the keypad.  As glaring and hindering as these issues are, they're either software or device database related and should be resolvable in the future.  Best option is to go to the Idea Voting section and vote for your features or post them.

    • Jeremy Dawson 

      I believe you can add a "." - simply go into the recipe, edit shortcuts and add the "Digit Separator" shortcut.  Sort it so that it's next to the numpad and you should have the full thing then