Smart TV & Soundbar; Select device for the Audio controls

I created a recipe for my Panasonic Smart TV that has a Netflix app.  The audio is from the external Yamaha soundbar and Netflix is built in to the TV.  When I run this recipe, I need the TV controls for navigating Netflix, but by using TV Controls, it assumes the audio will be controlled by the TV. 

I have set shortcuts to the soundbar's volume control, but that seems so redundant and unnecessary.  The recipe script should also include an option to ask "Audio Source Control" to select which device the volume up and down bottoms talk to.

Can this be resolved without Shortcuts that necessitate a swipe to another screen?

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  • Jason Schwartz this is a current Bug in the Firmware. The Recipe at the moment needs to be generated automatically by NEEO to use an external Audio Device. If you willed, you can work arround by addind a new device you never own to neeo and change the Wiring and commands in the recipe itself, but never delete the "Use "AV Receiver" Volume (or else). This command is there to do what you want.

    Until the bug is sqeezed.

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