Light bleed near home button

Does anyone else have a bit of screen light bleeding through (and reflecting) near the home button?  Really kills this otherwise nicely designed remote

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  • Yeah I have a little light leakage there as well

  • Not nice, is that around that one button only or is that happening on multiple buttons? Would be really nice if you could take some pictures in a dark environment, this we can guess if that is out of the tolerance specification. 

  • Hey Patrick , I‘ve got the same issue. I add a picture where you can clearly see the backlight bleeding over the home button and some less over the mute button. I‘m super happy with the build quality but that backlight bleeding nags me a little.

    • Reto Haile  yep mine's the same, if not worse, but I imagine it depends on lighting.  Noting that you have a black cat too, same here. 

      The stupid devices issue have all but stopped me using it for now.  Wife won't even bother, Neeo fail at this point.  

  • Same here.

  • I would really like to hear an official statement on this. With all the "highest quality" hype during the kickstarter campaign and the resulting delays because of that perfectionism, I think it's outside of specs. But at first it would be interesting to know if this is only a black cat thing or all versions of NEEO remotes?