How does Spotify work with NEEO?

I'm impressed with the demo videos I saw with the nice Spotify integration. But how does this work and what do I need?

I have a Chromecast, which can accept Spotify connect. Do I need anything else?

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  • I'm also interessted in a Spotify Setup with Chromecasts (Audio) and without the need of a SONOS. 

    I fear all the current demos we saw use Sonos as a Spotify Server... would be nice to have an alternative where we can also scroll through our playlists etc. on the NEEO screen

  • Please let us know. I'm on Chromecast Audio and would love to control it with Neeo,

  • The Spotify implementation shown so far was indeed SONOS-related.

    RIght now it is not possible to run Spotify as a stand-alone app and connect via Spotify Connect or Google Cast.

    This doesn't mean that it won't be available someday, I guess there are just some more hurdles to take (I would imagine that one of the major questions would be whether Spotify will allow NEEO to access its API's).

    I just noticed that such request has been added to the "Ideas" section:


    P.S.: Spotify and Chromecast support would also be my dream, as I am running Chromecast Audios on all audio devices in the house.

  • I'd be into Spotify and Amazon Echo integration too.

  • whats the status on this? Patrick I can add my account but it doesn't seem to do anything.

  • Wessel Otter What exactly are your refering to? You added you Spoitfy account in the NEEO App? What exactly is "do nothing"? Is your NEEO Remote still asking you to setup your account?

    • Patrick no I just added the account but there is no use for it yet? 

    • Wessel Otter Only usable if you have Sonos in your home at the moment! Else there is no other control for it with the actual firmware!

    • Markus Mahr that explaines a lot! Thanks for the heads up. I hope chromecast audio is comming soon :)

  • What about B&W Zeppelin Wireless? There’s Spotify Connect, please add support to it as well.