Sonos and neeo

To all the beta teasers can you control a sonos that is located in a different room with the neeo or do you have one in the same room as the brain as well to control the one in the other room?


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  • No BETA User is allowed to tell you something about NEEO. The only Guy is allowed to tell thinks is Niels de Klerk .

    But due to the Fact, that the Sonos is Controlled vie TCP/IP (Ethernet) there should be no difference in witch Room the Device is located. I also can Control my Hue Light in the Kitchen or the Bathroom from my Telephone when not in the Same room or even on the same Country. This is one of the main good Features with todays always Online Strategie!

  • We own two Sonoses each in a different room. You can just add them to the room they are in and the brain doesn't need to be in that room because it's controlled over ip. So you can control multiples Sonos in multiple rooms.

    • Niels de Klerk 

      Thanks Niels your answer was just what I was hoping for : )

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