Z-Wave thermostat on GC2 Panel (primary) error

I have been wrestling with adding all of my Z-Wave devices. It seems Neeo picks up about 80% of them. So that's issue one... but this is more troubling. My two thermostats which are connected to the ZW network, with the GC2 alarm panel as primary show up. Oddly - they only show up on the virtual remote on the iphone - but not on the Neeo remote. Anyhow, I needed to figure out which therm was which so I decided to go on the virtual remote and try them.

I tap on tmerhostats, and immediately get an error:


NEEO says sorry...

There was something fishy going on: "[$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token 't' is an unexpected token at column 21 of the expression [$ctrl.data.scenario.t.scenario] starting at [t.scenario]. http://errors.angularjs.org/1.5.11/%parse/syntax?p0=t&p1=is$20an%20unexpected%20token&p=21&p3=%24ctrl.data.scenario%20t.scenario&p4=t.scenario"



Just to test - I created a simple recipe that just shows thermostat controls on press. Same error comes up.

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  • Did anyone see this? After a full reset of the remote and brain, I relearned everything. Still does this. What gives?

  • Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will have to take an engineer or developer take a look at this one. I'll let you know once I have more information.

  • Peet Wright Seems like this is related to the issue you are having over here .  

    EDIT: See this post for more information.

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