Panasonic DMR-BWT745-BR Channel up/down button mapping

Manufacturer:                      Panasonic

Model Name:                      DMR-BWT745-BR
Device Type:                       Blu-ray Player & Digital TV combo

Device Data Version:           6

Firmware Version (Brain):   0.47.9-28fa9fa


The issue is that the Neeo hardware channel up/down buttons are not correctly mapped for this device , they currently do nothing. However, it is possible to show the software up / down buttons as a device shortcut, but it would be significantly better if the channel up down on the remote itself was correctly mapped to these. Please fix!


Many thanks,



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  • Adam Vine Hi Adam, thank you for reporting this. We'll have a look into that and come back to you as soon as possible. 

  • Adam Vine

    Many thanks for your feedback!

    Did you add both, the Blu-ray and the DVB version? In the DVB version, the channel buttons should already be mapped correctly.

  • Adam Vine

    On a side note  - you are still running on 0.47.9. There is a new firmware update available. It is not related to the issue described by you, but it is recommended to always have the most current firmware. The new version contains new features and many bug fixes. 

  • Andy

    So Are you suggesting that I add the DVB and the BR as a separate device (even though it is only one). I can see some advantages of this from a use-ability perspective.

    I'll test that out tonight when I get home.

    As for the firmware.. did you make an update today? because last night I checked for a new firmware update and it said that I am running the latest.. sounds like another bug!

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Adam Vine 

      On NEEO, every device type offers different widgets. In you case, Blu-ray offers buttons like PAUSE, STOP etc and the buttons REVERSE and FORWARD are mapped to the channel buttons. The DVB (set top box part) offers widgets like the channel favorites and MY RECORDINGS, etc. Also, the channel buttons are mapped to channel up/down. Now, there are devices like yours that are combining several device types. In your case Blu-ray and DVB. At the moment, we offer them as separate devices. Within a later firmware, both devices would be added automatically. This is not yet the case.

      Firmware - it always takes a while to download the new firmware. That's not a bug. As long as the firmware is not downloaded it says that it's up to date. I guess in the meantime the update should appear.

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