What the heck did I buy? I've had it with Neeo

I bought this device just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I did not immediately have the time to dig deep and hence lost my chance to return this pile of expensive junk, on which I am sitting on now.

  • Extremely (!!!) limited functionality for manually created recipes. This alone totally kills it for me and it is beyond belief how after so many years of development the most basic features you would expect from such a device have not even been implemented yet. 
  • HDMI-CEC just doesn't work. Finding a Playstation 4, for which support was announced with so much fanfare? Negative. Doesn't work. 
  • Ever tried renaming a recipe? Good luck with that. Again, the most basic kindergarten features are missing. 
  • Devices turn on randomly. I switch on a recipe that's supposed to turn on my AVR, TV and nVidia Shield, but it also turns on an Apple TV and switches the TV to that input. Probably due to HDMI-CEC. This does not happen with my Logitech Harmony. How hard can it be?
  • The list goes on.

I paid 479 EUR for the bundle. As I mentioned earlier. The most expensive piece of junk I ever bought. 

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    • Jeff
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    • Jeff
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello  cryptochrome Thank you for posting this and sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. I would love the opportunity to speak with you on the phone at your earliest availability so we can get NEEO up and running for you. I look forward to your response!

  • The performance of this device is so spotty that it doesn't replace any remotes, its just another remote on my coffee table. I can not put any of the other remotes away because NEEO sometimes works as expected but other times it does not. I want it to work so I keep trying hoping that it would somehow get better, but currently simple things just doesn't work consistently. I don't have crazy complicated devices and wiring, just TV, AVR, AppleTV, Chromecast. Simple stuff. 

    And yes, I have been posting my issues on separate threads, but somehow any attempts for support from NEEO just fade out.

    NEEO used to label my AVR as "Stupid Device" but I wonder if that "Stupid Device" is NEEO.

    I can not believe this company is still in business with product like this.

  • So, almost one year after I started this thread, nothing substantial has changed. Nothing but empty promises, tiny updates, and useless announcements like Neeo Pro (how about getting the device to where it should be before you start yet another marketing campaign?). 

    Can I get a refund? Probably not.

  • cryptochrome said:
    nothing substantial has changed

     LoL ;)

  • Actually, I think everyone who backed NEEO on KS should qualify for a refund. 

    After years of development and then a couple of years after releasing them to backers we still don't have the device we backed based on their KS video. 

    The features I saw which made me back it all those years ago will never be added, so there should be grounds for false advertising.

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    • Jono Hunt I agree 100%. And I find it astonishing how Neeo does not even care to respond to this. 

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